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8 Factors to Consider Before Hiring A PHP Web Developer

There is a rapid boom in the call for PHP developers in recent years. In the meantime, the count of PHP developers has also increased, making hiring a PHP web developer difficult because choosing the wrong one can negatively impact your project. So the recruiters must pick the best among the bunch.

A PHP developer can take your business to the next level by designing a user-friendly and engaging website. So, we recommend never rushing the hiring process of a PHP developer and following a systematic procedure to find the best among many. If you choose the right developer, you can create a top-of-the-line web solution for your business. Following are the eight factors you should remember before hiring a custom PHP developer.

  • Project Requirement

The first and foremost aspect to consider before hiring a PHP web developer is to know your project requirement. If the project requires an expert, you should ignore the fresher and mid-levels applicants. If the project does not have such requirements, consider freshers for the job.

Next, decide the type of PHP developer suitable for the project. There are two types of PHP developers based on their payment method: dedicated PHP developers and fixed-cost developers. Dedicated developers charge based on hours spent on the project. The fixed cost developer quotes the price in advance for the project, irrespective of time spent.

  • Technical proficiency

As some professional website developers in Bangalore opined that website development is all about technical knowledge. Thus, you should evaluate the person’s technical and coding skills. Check their expertise in MySQL, HTML, XML, and many more. You should also assess their other abilities like resolving security and hacking issues. They should also know handy PHP tools like CakePHP, PHP storm, and more. Cake PHP is a free tool for CakePHP developers to make web development easy and take out the monotony in it.

Sometimes the entrepreneur has a specific goal or necessity to implement in their application or website. But they are unaware of the scope of work, time frame, or budget required to accomplish it. In this scenario, a PHP developer with sound technical expertise can guide you to complete the project within the budget and time.

  • Up-to-date industrial knowledge

The developer must be up-to-date with the latest trend in technology. It will help you to attract more organic traffic from the audience and keep them hooked on your website.

  • Communication ability

We cannot deny that communication is an integral part of any organization. The recruiter should never overlook a candidate’s communication skills, including speaking and listening ability. A good speaker should communicate the requirements and the flaws effectively to the authorities. A good listener will ensure to implement all the points conveyed to them.

  • Portfolio

A portfolio includes the previous work of the custom PHP developer. Going through the candidate’s portfolio is the most vital assessment, as it gives insights into their experience and specialization in web development.

If the candidate is a beginner, has no previous work experience in this field, and meets all other criteria, then you can hire them on the condition that if you like their work, then only they will get paid. It is a win-win situation for both. The fresher and the organization, as the former will get a chance to showcase his potential, and the organization gets a well-developed site.

  • Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews of the Candidate’s previous work can give you details about the quality of their projects in web development. You can also get to know about a Cake PHP developer’s behavior and ethics through previous clients’ testimonials.

If the person has the experience, you can check their previous work record. If the applicant is a fresher, you can look into the remarks they have secured in the discipline section of the college report card.

  • Timely delivery

When it comes to hiring a PHP web developer, time management plays a vital role in it. Delivering the project within a given time frame also helps to increase the organization’s credibility. You can check the testimonials of the developer. You should always give preference to a person with a good record of delivering the projects on time.

Sometimes, developers take up more projects than their capacity and fail to meet expectations, negatively impacting the brand. So, ensure that your developer is not working on several projects, leading to the default in the submission time.

  • Assistance and Support

Sometimes, a website can have some glitches and bugs, which results in downtime and will lead you to incur losses. However, if you hire the right dedicated PHP developer, you can rely on them to resolve the glitch quickly and ensure 100 percent uptime. So, you should always hire a developer who offers reliable support and maintenance.

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The ability of a PHP developer

• Must have good testing skills and the ability to resolve glitches.

• Identify bugs and other errors on the website

• Good communication skills

• Dedication toward the project

• Experience with different project management tools

Onboarding a PHP developer can be a challenging task for the organization, as there are various parameters that a candidate must fulfill to become a perfect choice for the project. So, two things to avoid to get the best PHP developer are Pricing discussions in advance and breaking the boundaries. Consider pricing discussion with utmost care to not hurt your pocket, and a developer does not get underpaid for their service. Also, never be region specific to find a developer. Expanding your boundaries with the help of various platforms like the CakePHP page on LinkedIn is one of the best places to find a PHP developer.

Final Verdict

If you want to hire the best PHP developer, follow the above guidelines and ignore the mistakes while hiring them. These tips will help you get a good PHP developer for your project who will take your business to the sky high.

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