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The forum is a place for intense discussions and debates in a properly organized manner. This has been planned to replace the groups in social networks as the primary discussion area.

Join our forum at

Social networking groups

This is the group from where Techno FAQ started its activities.

Facebook group is at

It now has 9000+ members holding discussions on computers, handhelds, consoles, internet, multimedia, automobiles and other aspects of technology.

Google+ community is at

Social networking feeds

These give short and quick news updates about the groups, the forum and the website as well as current happenings in the tech world.

Facebook page at

Follow us on Twitter at

Media channel

The media channel distributes video and podcasts related to the community and current happenings in the tech world.

Subscribe to TechnoFAQ TV at:

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel

The IRC channel is used for live discussion amongst members and basically serves as a chat room.

If you have a IRC client installed, just click here.

Else the connection details are:


Ports: 6665, 6666, 6667, 8000, 8001, 8002

Secure (TLS) ports: 6697, 7000, 7070

Channel: #TechnoFAQ

Alternatively click here to connect via your web browser.

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