Get more customers with JotForm Mobile Forms

Published on June 18th, 2019 | by Bibhuranjan

One of the hardest parts of running any successful business is increasing your customer base. That task becomes doubly difficult in the online world, where physical proximity to a customer ceases to hold any meaning and ... Read More


Who Uses Application Performance Monitoring?

Published on June 14th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi

Application performance monitoring (APM) is one of the most basic and important tools that an organization can have in its information technology (IT) arsenal. These days, organizations are doing all sorts of things to improve the ... Read More


How to design your training course in-house?

Published on June 14th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi

Since the advent of the digital age, outsourcing has been a convenient way to get the work done to adequate standards. But when it comes to designing a training course, adequate isn’t enough. That being said, ... Read More


Understanding How A Payment Gateway Works

Published on June 12th, 2019 | by Bibhuranjan

A payment gateway authorizes payment for online stores and it is a vital part necessary for e-commerce. It is used in traditional brick-and-mortar stores as well. A payment gateway enables you to accept payments securely from ... Read More


How to Successfully Manage Your Online Reputation

Published on June 12th, 2019 | by Bibhuranjan

The internet is truly changing the way consumers interact with brands. From eCommerce product ratings to Yelp, Google, and social media reviews, consumers are finding new ways to express their opinions about brands. Online reviews are ... Read More

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