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How to pass exams

Many students ask how to cheat exams.  Some think the key is studying.  What rubes.  Some think the key is brown-nosing the professor.  Well, that might work; but it’s just shameful.  Have some self respect!  Just cheat!  What, you think the collegiate environment is giving you a fair shake?  If you’re in an accredited university, the likelihood is that you’re spending upwards of $30,000/year.

That’s if you don’t have a scholarship; but then some Ivy-League institutions are going to cost you $120,000/year.  Now that would be fine and dandy, provided your education gave you the facility to think critically and apply that critical thinking to the workplace.  But the reality is most educational systems aren’t about providing you with a renewed mind able to tackle and solve problems.  The reality is that most educational environments are more concerned with leaving students under a “guise” of education that reflects their own aims.  In shorter words, you’re being brainwashed.


Think about it.  What do exams usually entail?  Regurgitating memorized information via multiple choice analysis.  How does selecting between four answers teach you the underlying precepts of the course you’re taking?  It doesn’t.  You’re being cheated by the professors and the collegiate environment.  They’re selling you an education, and in return all you get is debt.

There is a popular phrase, “don’t let school interfere with your learning,” and that’s what this bit of writing is about.  The only real benefit to a collegiate environment is the interpersonal relationships you make with fellow students–as those become lucrative as time goes by–and the ability to realize drinking and drugs just aren’t that fun after a while.  (Admittedly, not all students learn this last lesson.)

But you’ve got to get that little certificate which says you’ve done your time in the college climes, which means regardless of whether or not you’re being cheated by the system, you must pass the courses.  How to pass exams well depends on your ability to gauge the situation and make the right choices.  Since you’re being cheated, the lesson to read between the lines is: cheat right back.

How to pass exams while cheating becomes much more complicated if your method of cheating is stupid.  Don’t roll up bits of paper with answers on them hidden under your tongue.  Don’t wear a fake broken arm.  Don’t put a bunch of questions on an eye patch and constantly pull it out.

All that noise is obvious.  Here’s what you need to do: get a GSM-Earpiece.  This hot bit of technology is actually called a spy earpiece most places on the web, and folks can’t see it in your ear unless they look really hard.  Then make an interpersonal connection with a buddy or a hot chick and have them read you the answers from the test in a safe location.

It’s 2015, and those cheating professors are getting too old to realize the potential of widely available technology.  It’s time to capitalize on that with a spy earpiece.

The reality is, cheating is unethical.  But if you’re getting cheated, and that cheating could ruin your life and make you a wage-slave to the state, isn’t your cheating sort of like retaliation?  Granted, it’s best to make the grade without having to resort to those measures, but collegiate professors often suffer from cranium in anus syndrome, and some won’t ever give an “A” on any subject out of twisted, inverted principle. College isn’t public education (and that’s not much better either), it’s a whole new ballgame that preys on the inexperienced.  Don’t let them prey on you, get a good earpiece.

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