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Think big – lessons small online retailers can learn from big brands

All entrepreneurs dream about taking their businesses to new heights and making it big one day. The bad news is there’s no instruction manual that can teach you exactly how to do it, even if tons of books have been published on the topic, and there aren’t any shortcuts either. You either buckle up and get ready for a roller-coaster of hard work, constant challenges and endless sleepless nights, or you go for a safer route and choose a less demanding career path.

The good news is you’re not the only entrepreneur who’s dreaming big and wants to reach the top in the retail landscape. Others have done it before you and managed to turn their seemingly impossible dreams into reality. They’ve paved the way for startups and small businesses like yours, and you can learn from their success (and failures). All big brands had humble beginnings, but they found the right formula that led them to a bright and prosperous future and worldwide fame. So maybe it’s time to take a cue from the big players in the game and use their experience and know-how as a source of inspiration to further develop your small online retail business.

Content is king

If you take a quick look at large companies, you’ll notice they all have one thing in common – they put out high-quality content, quite a lot of it. They make sure they’re constantly in front of their target audience, staying in close contact with their clients and keeping them engaged. Creating good content on a regular basis can do all that for a brand and more. It can help businesses build a connection with the public and nurture this bond in order to attract more customers and turn them into regulars.

Simply put, efficient content creation can work wonders for your small retail business. But remember, it’s not just the quantity you should focus on, but the quality as well. If you don’t master the art of content creation, it’s best to team up with professional writers for it. It’s an investment you won’t regret.

Create content, but make it video

Since we’re talking content creation, we can’t ignore another trend that large companies are well aware of and use it to their best advantage: video marketing. Customers simply love video content and most of them base their purchase decisions on it, and as an online retailer you have to give people exactly what they want. Who has time for lengthy descriptions and endless blocks of text anymore? The public wants to absorb information fast and easy and in a way that is also entertaining. Well, video obviously checks all these boxes. So now you know that if you want to launch a new product or educate customers on your offer, you must include video marketing in your strategy.

Choosing the right platform

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of selling stuff online: choosing the platform for your online store. As online retail sales continue to boom, there’s surely no shortage of options when it comes to selecting an ecommerce solution to set up your online store, which is both a good thing and a nuisance. It’s absolutely great to have a wide variety of choices, but it can be tricky to pick the software that will work best for you. Ecommerce businesses have to choose a platform that serves their current needs, but that will also be able to support them as they grow. For example, smaller retailers often start with Shopify and when their companies reach the next level, they upgrade to Shopify Plus. It’s important to think ahead and choose a scalable ecommerce platform for your business.

The power of storytelling

Behind every famous brand there’s a compelling story and great storytellers that know how to spread the word about it. Your retail business might be small right now, but you must think of it as a big brand in the making. You can’t just throw your products out there and expect people to rave about them if you don’t have a story to back them up. What makes your business special, why did you start it in the first place, what value do your products bring and why should consumers choose you over your competitors? Your story should offer answers to all these questions and offer the audience a reason to give you their time and money.

Listening to customers

A business is nothing without its customers, and big brands know that better than anyone. One might think that having a lot of clients gives a business the luxury of being a little less thorough when it comes to customer interaction, but let’s get one thing straight: that’s a recipe for disaster. There’s a reason why large companies have so many loyal clients and that’s because they know that every customer counts. They listen to what their customers have to say, they always take their feedback into consideration and go to great lengths to keep them happy. It’s not a matter of the customer is always right, but of making the client the center of your attention and showing him that your business values his opinions and ideas. When customers feel important, you’ll have greater chances at creating long-lasting relationships with them.

Breaking the mold

So far, we’ve told you to do as others do. Now we’re telling you to forget about what others are doing and carve your own path. So how does that work exactly? Famous companies didn’t get where they are today by following in the footsteps of other businesses. They’ve brought creativity and innovation to the table. You can use the techniques and strategies employed by other companies as your guidelines, but you have to come up with something unique, something that sets you apart from the rest and makes you shine brighter than those around you, if you want to be more than just another online retailer.

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