Welcome, everyone! We are Techno FAQ Digital Media (T/A Techno FAQ), a media house and a community of technology enthusiasts who believe that technology should be reachable to all and an effort should be made to help everyone understand technology.

Aims and objectives

The Techno FAQ e-magazine aims to:

  1. Promote and familiarize tech with the masses.
  2. Solve tech problems with the community.
  3. Enhance knowledge in computing and technology.
  4. Increase awareness of our community activities.

As a whole Techno FAQ Digital Media’s aims are:

  1. Publishing quality e-magazines like Techno FAQ, Tekh Decoded and nixFAQ.
  2. Maintaining community activities specializing in software and hardware development, hacking, gaming, networking and blogging.
  3. Troubleshooting people’s tech-related problems.
  4. Promoting camaraderie in the community.
  5. Acting as an incubator for startups and projects.
  6. Selling digital goods and providing commercial IT services on the Marketplace; and providing premium services like Letter (privacy e-mail hosting) and ZNC (IRC bouncer) hosting.


Techno FAQ Digital Media (the media house) owns and operates:

  • Techno FAQ – e-magazine focusing on the impact of technology on human lives, encompassing general science, engineering, computing, medicine, finance, education, business and lifestyle.
  • Tekh Decoded – e-magazine focusing on the consumer side of science and technology.
  • nixFAQ – e-magazine covering everything about Unix-family and Unix-related operating systems.
  • Market by Techno FAQ – e-commerce platform for digital goods and services exclusive to Techno FAQ.
  • Letter – simple and privacy-first email provider with support for custom domains and a novel approach.
  • Techno FAQ ZNC – IRC bouncer/proxy service with focus on stability, strong security and prompt customer support.

The community manages and operates:


Techno FAQ Digital Media comprises of members from different parts of the world. However, our primary location is:

Quarter F-03,
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati,
Guwahati – 781039, Assam,


Here’s a brief history of Techno FAQ and milestones till date:

  • 4 January 2011: Techno FAQ community is co-founded by Sunit Kumar Nandi and Farhan Hussain during school vacations as a Facebook group for tech discussions with members consisting mostly of schoolchildren.
  • May 2011: First management team formed under the leadership of Farhan Hussain.
  • June 2011: Techno FAQ’s Facebook group grows in number, having members from all walks of life.
  • August 2011: Pranav Suri joins management. Creates an immense spurt in the number count of the Facebook group. Discussions become more regular.
  • December 2011: Farhan Hussain steps down as admin. Hands over leadership to Sunit Kumar Nandi and responsibility to all the remaining admins.
  • July 2012: Igor Rebenko joins the team. Contributes in creating a new plan for the group.
  • August 2012: New management team formed. Old admins’ responsibilities are reshuffled.
  • September 2012: Test website launched. IRC channel created.
  • October 2012: Twitter feed and Google+ community are created.
  • 16 December 2012: Website testing ends.
  • 20 January 2013: TechnoFAQ.org is launched.
  • July 2013: Forum is launched.
  • August 2013: Began partnership with the SuperX OS project.
  • November 2013: Forum is revamped with a new layout.
  • 22 December 2013: Merger with TechTronicShow to form TechnoFAQ TV.
  • June 2014: TechnoFAQ.org migrates to the cloud. Acquires software mirror for hosting open-source projects.
  • December 2016: TechnoFAQ.org moves to its own dedicated private cloud and starts hosting everything in-house.
  • 9 January 2019: Techno FAQ community completes acquisition of Tekh Decoded and LinuxBin e-magazines.
  • 18 April 2020: LinuxBin is rebranded and launched as nixFAQ.
  • 4 October 2020: Letter privacy email hosting is launched in public beta.
  • 7 October 2020: Techno FAQ community completes acquisition of QuoQueZNC, an IRC bouncer/proxy service.
  • 7 December 2020: Registration of Techno FAQ Digital Media as a for-profit media house entity. Ownership of Techno FAQ, Tekh Decoded, nixFAQ e-magazines, Letter and QuoQueZNC is transferred to the new entity.
  • 21 December 2020: Letter exits public beta for general availability. QuoQueZNC renamed to Techno FAQ ZNC.
  • 12 March 2021: Launch of Market by Techno FAQ, e-commerce platform for exclusive digital goods and services.

Management team members


Current employees of Techno FAQ Digital Media are:

  • Sunit Kumar Nandi (Owner and Leading Officer)
  • Bibhuranjan Nath (Editorial Officer)
  • Mahbub Hasan (Graphics and UI/UX Engineer)
  • Kiran Fernandes (Content Creator)

Former employees are:

  • Júlio Ventura (former Operations Manager)
  • Sumit Bhowal (former Content Creator)
  • Manish Gehlot (former Infrastructure Officer and Website Growth Executive)


Current Techno FAQ community members are:

  • Pranav Suri (Business Strategist)
  • Judhajeet Das (Content Creator)
  • Saurav Modak (Content Creator)
  • Diogo Costa (Blog Author)
  • Chistopher Porteus (Blog Author)
  • Ali Dino (Blog Author)

Former community members are:

  • Farhan Hussain (founder)
  • Bhargav Sarma (former administrator)
  • Sachit Shivam (former administrator and editor-in-chief of blog)
  • Manohar Maddineni (former back-end and forum administrator, graphics designer and media division manager)
  • Bhushan Jayaramdas (former administrator and blog editor)
  • Igor Rebenko (former administrator, audiophile and product reviewer)
  • Ameet Borah (former administrator, Facebook group manager and gaming and PC building expert)
  • Aisheng Miso (former IRC channel operator and developer/coder)
  • Ella Xiong (former blog author)
  • Tushar Gulati (former administrator and IRC channel operator)
  • Akshat Dhabi (former administrator and graphics designer)
  • Ben Stovell (former administrator and gaming console expert)
  • Challa Pradyumna Sharma (former back-end manager and developer/coder)
  • Varun Priolkar (former back-end administrator)
  • Gaurav Dutta (former blog author)
  • Trishit Dutta (former administrator)
  • Sudhanshu Sorout (former blog author and forum moderator)
  • Himanshu Sorout (former blog author and forum moderator)
  • Rashid Feroz (former blog author, hacking and penetration testing expert)
  • Dipyaman Biswas (former administrator)
  • Kamlesh Das (former administrator)
  • Subhankar Das (former administrator)
  • Chinmay Amonkar (former moderator)
  • Vikram Srikumar (former author)
  • Sakshi Raina (former author)
  • Brian Sam Thomas (former contributor)
  • Krishnanga Kalita (former author)
  • Wrishiraj Kaushik (open-source software expert)

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