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Best 5 Ecommerce Platform for Your Online Store

Shopkeepers are not getting that much profit or benefits as compare to earlier days. Now a day, users do not want to go for any store to buy products, they want that products should reach their home a single call or message to that particular store. Currently, Ecommerce platform has put dark shadow on offline selling store.

Everyone want to sell their products online with the help of Ecommerce platform because millions of people are using internet regularly and ready to accept Ecommerce. Now we have platform like WeChat where we can open Wechat Business Accounts and start selling our products. Online store is helpful for both owners and users. Owners can manage their online stores from their home or single room office like Shopify development. But main problem is that a new person does not know anything about Ecommerce and its best ecommerce platform. There are lots of things we have to keep in mind while putting our store or while starting online sell.

You need a best tools or platform which can manage a complete list of products, process orders, manage shopping carts and customize everything in an easy way with your branding.  That’s why Ecommerce is best choice and gets best tools to launch your store online.

  1. Opencart :- It is one of the most popular open source ecommerce platform which is absolutely free for all. It help us to manage customer details, products details, tax rules, orders and even you can put coupon codes on your products. It is very easy to make our online store popular with Opencart because it provides built-in SEO which is most important features. At any point of time you will get communication support as well as technical supports also. You can have a further look at OpenCart review article here.
  2. X-cart development :-  One of fast growing Ecommerce platform which provides different tools to make an outstanding list of online store’s products. X-cart developers have been worked day and night to provide easy and comfortable tools for a new person who wants to move from offline store to online selling store. You can design your own online store as per your thinking and desire. Even if you are not happy with your designed online store then once again you can redesign it and can give a new look.
  3. Shopify :- I think every second internet user knows about this online Ecommerce platform. It most popular on internet because of its simplicity. It provides one of the most comfortable user interfaces of the admin panel which bring it in the list of top 3 Best platforms. Its starting price is $29 per month which nothing for creating an online store. Add on apps to any online store is best features of Shopify which stand it beside its competitors.
  4. BigCommerce :- In simple words, we can say that it is mirror image of Shopify because of similar features. But the main drawback of this Ecommerce platform is that it does not provide that much control as Shopify provides. You would be happy to know that it is one of the most simple tool and easy to navigate admin panel which is a positive point of it. BigCommerce is much cheaper than any other Ecommerce platform. So it is best for those who are planning to sell their individual products. Even you can start it from $ 29.95 per month but its transaction fee is 1.5 percent only which is lowest as compared to others.
  5. Magento :- This Ecommerce platform is last in our top 5 list but not least, the majority of big e-commerce websites are taking benefits of this tool and getting more and more success in the market. It is the most difficult platform to customize but still most famous because of outstanding features and user interface. Current users have given good reviews and rating to Magento but informing that it is little but slow to customize. Sometimes you would not happy to use this tool but still lot of people love to use it. Everyone can afford it for their online stores.

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