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Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Promote Your Hotel Business Online

Social media is a must for any form of business ventures these days. It provides you a free platform for marketing your products and the services you offer through various ways. The impact of social media becomes much more pronounced if you are a hotelier or you have a hotel related business in a place which is a significant tourist attraction. Through the various platforms of social media, you will be able to popularize your business in unprecedented ways. In this article, you will learn about the different ways you can increase your revenues by using social media to promote your hotel to potential tourists.

Share photos of the property

All major social media platforms allow you to share pictures. It can be highly beneficial as you will be able to post images of your hotel and market them for free. Remember to post good detailed photos of the rooms which you have to offer. Show your viewers why they should choose your hotel over other hotels. Post pictures of beautiful views which the rooms in your hotel have to offer. Also, post pictures of the various amenities which you provide in your hotel. It is, of course, a given that you must also post pictures of some of the tourist attractions which are nearby your hotel or are nearby. Also, an added advantage will be sharing photos of other happy guests having a good time in your hotel and enjoying the services you provide.

Introduce your staff

Post the biographies of your team. It will help to give a personal touch, and a human element in your posts as your viewers will get familiar with your staff through these biographies. Share stories about their lives and their experiences working in your hotel. This way when viewers come to your hotel as customers, they will know who will be serving them. Also, let your staffs access your social media pages and comment there too. It will increase interactivity between business owner, employees, and customers. All in all, this will boost familiarity.

Grab attention with engaging videos

Like photos, videos are also a significant part of social media. Share videos of tourist attractions and how beautiful they look at different times of the day and on special occasions. It will entice viewers to come and visit your hotel. Also share daily, day to day videos of your hotel showing how a typical day in your hotel is like. Provide a video of the services you offer.

Get your audience excited by travelogues

Publish travelogues written by guests and tourists who stayed in your hotel. Ask them to write about their experience staying in your hotel and then share them and in return offer them a discount next time they visit your hotel. You can also use blogs and travel websites for this purpose. Publish good travelogues in noted travel websites, and guests will love this because they will see their experience being read by thousands of people. Sharing travel stories is one of the most useful aspects of social media marketing for hoteliers. You have to ensure that it is indeed a travelogue describing the entire tour and not just a good review of people’s experiences in your hotel.

Try to gather as many positive reviews as possible

Ask guests to write explicitly about their experience of staying in your hotel and availing of the services you offer. Encourage people to write honest reviews and not only write about positive experiences because they can look like paid endorsements. Everyone on social media searches for reviews before buying a product or utilizing a service. So you must publish customer reviews in your posts and also let people comment on them.

Promote local guides and tour operators

You must not only post about your hotel, but you should also post about other tour operators and specialized tour agents who work around you. That is because when people want to visit a place, they do not merely look for a hotel, they want to see what other conveniences will be available to them. So, promote local guides and tour agents and how customers can avail of their services at discounted rates if they stay in your hotel. It will encourage more people to stay in your hotel because they know that all arrangements would be made appropriately and they would not have to worry about organizing anything themselves.

Start with Facebook and Instagram

The two most popular social media platforms for hoteliers are Facebook and Instagram. Facebook will let you share travelogues, reviews, and other written content easily along with photos and videos. You can also use readily available social media post templates to make your task easier. Instagram will be there for your picture posts in which you will post the pictures of your rooms. You can visit Social Growr to learn how social media can help businesses grow.


Social media is the best platform for marketing your hotel business. Hotel owners should avail of this medium to get more customers and increased revenues.

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