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5 Great Online Resources When You’re Looking To Build A Kit Car

We’re living through quite extraordinary circumstances. Due to the pandemic and the associated lockdowns and economic turmoil, many of us now have plenty of time to consider what car to buy next. In fact, you might have so much time on your hands, that you decide to embark on building a kit car.

Oh, and if you’re still spending many of your spare hours in the house, you’ll probably appreciate being able to quickly locate some online resources that will help you with your kit-car quest. By that, I naturally mean resources like the below.

Websites advising how to build kit cars

Don’t know where you are supposed to start with building a kit car? You’re in good company. That’s why it’s not hard to find a wealth of online advice about how to get underway with it.

The Internet is also a good place to order a subscription to a print magazine on the subject. A good example of such a periodical would be Complete Kit Car magazine, each issue of which includes industry news, how-to technical guidance and details of readers’ builds if you need a little spark of inspiration.

Specialist forums and social media pages

As you get to work on the kit car in your garage, you can’t entirely rule out the possibility that you will get stuck at some point or another. That’s why Simon Lambert, the Chief Motorsport and Technical Officer of famed kit-car brand Caterham, advises in a T3 article that you keep Wi-Fi Internet at hand in the garage.

However, if you’ve run into a very specific or obscure dilemma, asking directly for help with it on an online forum or social media page could prove more time-effective than perusing online articles.

Kit-car brand websites

One esteemed kit-car manufacturer – Caterham – has already been mentioned, but there are others. Factory Five, Ultima and Dax are good examples, and they all have their own websites that you can visit in search of further information and advice, provided that you’re capable of looking past the marketing speak on such sites.

Government website – for registering the kit car

In the UK, finishing a kit car for road use doesn’t quite end with physically placing the final components on it. That’s because you also need to get the vehicle registered before it is legally ready to drive on UK roads. Thankfully, the UK Government website details how to complete that registration process.

Kit car insurance website

Insuring a car is a routine aspect of readying it for road use. However, you could easily baulk when you see what premiums traditional insurers charge for coverage of a kit car. This is because, by their very nature, kit cars are unique and cannot therefore be easily assessed in terms of risk to the insurer.

Help is at hand, though, as you can look online for information about specialist providers of kit-car insurance, such as on the website of MoneyBeach. Such kit-car-focused brokers and insurers will have a better understanding of kit cars and are therefore likely to offer you fairer and more favorable premiums.

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