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SSD Hosting or HDD Hosting: Which One to Choose?

As a blogger you might have known about different types of hosting such as VPS, dedicated and shared hosting. Each has merits and demerits of its own. Recently, I came to know about SSD hosting which would be the future of hosting which has high merits over traditional HDD hosting.

ssd-vs-hdd 2

When I dig deeper to know about SSD hosting, that facts and features of the hosting surprised me and I like to share those things with you that will make you to choose a wise hosting for your business.

  1. HDD Hosting – Hard Disk Drive

This is the traditional drive as you see in computers which have been used since 1956. It stores data on platters, inside HDD there are many spinning disks. The HDD head store or reads data from the spinning platters or disks by moving around its axis while platters spinning at high speed.

This is type of mechanical storage device, because of its mechanical action there will a delay in response time, technically referred to as Access Time.

So far, it’s ok. But what does it mean for your hosting? Similar type of HDD is being used extensively in Hosting servers.


Availability of high disk space – (current capacity ranges from 500 Gb to 4 TB)

Lower cost – A standard HDD cost about $50 – $200.


Very slow performance compared to SSD Hosting.

If your business or website does not host any video files or application which will be accessed by millions of users daily then you can go for HDD hosting.

  1. SSD Hosting – Solid State Drives

Unlike HDD, the SDD stored data in microchips so there will be no delay in retrieving or writing data that improves the access time compared to HDD. As the access time increases, the speed of the Hosting also increases simultaneously.

This is the primary reason why website hosted in SSD hosting load faster than traditional HDD hosting.


High performance – They can able to serve data about 100 times faster than HDD.

High transfer speed – About 5-6 times larger throughput.


Expensive – A low end 128 GB SSD disk may price about $100 which is equal to 500 GB of HDD.

If you are planning to run a startup or a business that drives huge number of visitors then you should probably move to SSD Hosting plan. There are many SSD Hosting providers such as DigitalOcean, Linode etc.

A Small Comparison Chart: SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting


Final Verdict:

SO the bottom line is that, there is no good or bad hosting. It all depends of the requirement you need from them. If you are looking for a high performance servers for your startup then go for SSD Hosting otherwise chose the right HDD hosting plan for your blog.

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