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Published on September 23rd, 2020 | by Sumit Bhowal


4 Best Educational Online Resources for Students

Online resources have revolutionized education. Students today have everything they need to succeed at their fingertips. Educational best online college resources offer college students the convenience and accessibility they need for a smooth learning experience.

Teaching and learning have become memorable and exciting because professors can use brainstorming tools to break the monotony in class. Since there’s such an extensive collection of resources, students have the liberty to choose resources that fulfill their needs.

Even with access to such a great number of online tools, students still need to be disciplined and self-motivated. All these resources will do you no good if you don’t use them the right way. For instance, if you’re working on your dissertation, you need to know the right tools to work with. You can also get thesis writing services to get help whenever you get stuck.

Young woman thinking with pen while working / studying at her desk

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Coursera is one of the most valuable resources available to students on the internet. It is a collection of relevant courses collaboratively developed by leading universities. In fact, when you complete a course on Coursera, you get the certification.

Thanks to the internet, you can access courses offering by prestigious universities without having to be a student there. Some of the courses you can access include biology, business, science, computer science, humanities, and so much more.

Using Coursera is a valuable bonus because you get to leave the university with more than one degree. Every course is quite interactive, offering textbook knowledge, quizzes, pre-recorded videos, and projects.

Not to mention a social forum that allows you to interact with your peers. Contributors and developers are at liberty to contribute to the development and improvement of the courses.

Getting Smart

This is another online resource that’s a must-have for college students. As the name suggests, Getting Smart is a learning-focused platform on the internet. IT is a website dedicated to boosting your cognition capacity.

Unlike Coursera, Getting Smart does not offer any concrete courses, but it’s an excellent platform for effective learning. This useful resource offers deep learning, project-based learning, place-based learning, and peer learning.

Thanks to Getting Smart, students have a platform that teaches useful skills like time management, mindfulness, and readiness, all of which go a long way in setting them up for success.

Any student interested in increasing their studying effectiveness should seriously consider this platform. Getting Smart offers students, parents, and teachers insights on the best learning mechanics.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation a text-editing and speech-recognition app which allows you to dictate instead of type. This is an amazing tool for college students because sometimes you can be too tired to type. Students can easily work on long essays on their mobile phones simply by speaking.

All you need is a strong internet connection for effective speech recognition. Once your app gets used to your voice, working with Dragon Dictation becomes a walk in the pack. Dragon Dictation offers a wide selection of solutions to suit your budget.

The app was created from a wide array of speech recognition tools. This means that it’s as effective as a speech recognition tool can be.


Evernote is a universally great tool that ensures college students manage their time, develop an organized schedule, learn how to be a team player, and effectively work on projects.

When it comes to Evernote, the list of advantages is endless. This is a must-have tool because it is an all in one app. Even though at its core, Evernote is a note-taking application, students accomplish so much more than jotting down notes.


College students need access to online resources to make their learning experience impactful and seamless. With the right tools, students can easily set themselves up for academic success.

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