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Obtaining and Enhancing the Conqueror Seal in Destiny 2 – Season 17

The Conqueror Badge in Destiny 2 is primarily linked to achieving GM Nightfall Attacks, among the game’s most difficult PvE missions, and is available as part of D2’s Season of the Haunted. Gamers will ultimately get the Conqueror Shield and its corresponding in-game reputation once all 10 Conquests have been achieved.

There are several conditions that needs to be met to activate the Conqueror Badge and the reputation that goes with it, so it is not as simple as defeating GM Nightfalls the first trip around.

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Tips for Gilding the Conqueror Badge

When GM Nightfalls are made accessible throughout any D2 Season, gamers who have already achieved the Conqueror Shield can immortalize it. Gilding is significantly simpler than initially acquiring the Conqueror Shield.

GM Nightfalls typically total to 6, and gamers must finish them throughout a season in one run. This tutorial shows how D2 gamers may obtain their very own Shield and reputation or how to post one they currently possess.

The Conqueror Shield (Total Conquest) – Conquest: How to Earn It

To get the Conqueror Shield, gamers must finish all 6 GM Nightfalls. Doing so will grant them a 7th Glory named Total Conquest. This is given automatically when all 6 GMs in a Series have been completed.


Lightbearer can be finished in either level of Nightfalls; however, most Glories required to acquire the Conqueror Badge are closely related to GM Nightfalls. Therefore, D2 gamers will typically finish the Lightbearer Glory only with one GM Nightfall session, or they may already have done so.

Gamers must earn a minimum of 150,000 credits in a GM Nightfall action to unlock this Glory; the number of credits earned depends upon that GM Nightfall’s difficulty level, the number of defeats, and assist range.

Champion Breaker

Breaker of Champions can be finished on every Nightfall level, unlike Lightbearer, which only requires gamers to perform GM Nightfalls to activate. In contrast to Lightbearer, this Victory will demand numerous plays to achieve properly since gamers are required to take down 100 Warriors on every Nightfall difficulty.

It is typical for an individual GM to contain a minimum range of ten to fifteen Champions if gamers eliminate all adversaries, so finishing both GMs in the Haunted Season might not ultimately reveal Breaker of Champions. Even so, carrying out Nightfalls on even a frequent basis will help achieve the objective.

The Rule of the Conqueror

For D2 enthusiasts, this Victory is perhaps the most challenging to obtain because it demands defeating a GM Nightfall for each event’s four subtypes, which might be problematic.

The Ideal Configurations for Hunters are Below

  • Arc – Even though Arc 3.0 is not yet published, mid-tree Arcstrider makes GM Nightfalls somewhat tolerable by allowing Scouts to intercept bullets with their Weapon. For regular play, it’s ideal to couple this configuration with a Bandit’s Mask to get some level of stealth that is excellent for GMs. Rare items like Raiju’s Harness have been mainly applied with significance alone to render it highly feasible.
  • Void – Using Unique items like Graviton forfeit and Omnioculus, which are ideal for GMs since they let gamers explore the battleground and interact with objectives at their preferred leisure, Void Hunters must concentrate on stealth.
  • Solar – Blade Barrage, a powerful destructive Super available to Solar Hunters, should be enhanced using Star-Eater Levels to damage giants immensely.
  • Stasis – The most fantastic Stasis setup to use now combines Mask of Bakris and Stormchaser. These two abilities enable tremendous solitary harm over monsters and other essential objectives.

The Ideal Configurations for Titans are Below

  • Arc – Titans are naturally strong for breaching enemies due to the ability of mid-tree Archer and Cuirass of a Rising Stars to unleash massive destruction on victims immediately.
  • Void – Generally, melee combat is the most remarkable technique to enhance the remaining two skills on Void Titans. In contrast, Heart of Iniquity Radiance is ideal for abusing powers, including Barricades and grenades.
  • Solar – In order to significantly improve durability and free up a slot for periodic upgrades that would typically go over to Elegant Maintenance, the most robust GM-oriented Solar setup for Titans employs Loreley Splendor Helm.
  • Stasis – Despite not being the most user-friendly setup in D2, Stasis Titans possess accessibility to a massive destructive structure that merges the Dawn of Combat Exotic glaive by employing the Behemoth’s Heroic to destroy Hibernation stones within the glaive’s micro.

The Ideal Configurations for Warlocks are Mentioned Below

  • Arc – The preferred Arc configuration for Warlocks before Arc 3.0 has always been the mid-branch Stormcaller plus Geomag Stabilizers because it provides immediate impact and provides clearing possibilities. This is particularly helpful for simpler GMs where gamers won’t immediately perish if they stay motionless when employing Chaos Reach.
  • Void – A Warlock construct with Vortex Grenades, Contraverse Hold, and the Resonance of Undermining Attribute is the most acceptable Void construct. This enables regular grenade usage, continuous enemy buffing, and effective solitary attack.
  • Solar – Well of Radiance is among the finest Combos in the gameplay; therefore, Solar Warlocks must employ it in conjunction with Starfire Procedure for grenade blitz or Phoenix Procedure for more regular Supers.
  • Stasis – Osmiomancy Exotic cuffs that were newly created may be used with several versions of the Killing power module and the Gloomy Watcher Attribute to build almost infinite Stasis fortresses. These items are only available to Stasis Warlocks. As a result of this construct’s excellent crowd management capabilities, GMs greatly value it.

In D2, gamers may achieve the Warrior’s Domain Victory whenever they have completed a GM when employing a subtype of every component. It’s important to note that any type can accomplish this Victory in such a GM Nightfall, demonstrating the degree to which gamers get some power through the process.

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