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The Main Risk Factors for Osteoarthritis

Although nearly 21 million people suffer from osteoarthritis, it is not the case for everyone who has it. Many people have gone in their 80s that were not affected by pain or stiffness. But there are others who stumble around prior to reaching their 35th birthday. How come an individual can suffer from osteoarthritis and another get out of it? How do you know which ones are especially susceptible? While it’s not certain the data suggests the likelihood that one is more likely to suffer from osteoarthritis for more info visit here Rose Wellness.

You’ve Suffered an Injury to Your Joint

If you have been involved in an accident or have suffered an injury to any joints it is highly likely that you’ll develop osteoarthritis in joints injured by the accidents.

You’re a Woman

This may be due to joint structures that are smaller or other connections to estrogen. Women have three times the chance than males to suffer from osteoarthritis.

You’re Overweight

Being overweight places a lot of stress on the joints bearing weight. For every ten pounds of excess weight, you could increase the strain on the joints from three to 10 times. Researchers have discovered a clear link between overweight and osteoarthritis. This is especially true for knee joints.

You’re Over the Age of 45 

With time, cartilage as well as other joint structures are prone to degrade and weaken. Similar to the majority of tissues throughout your body after many years the joints begin to lose their strength. But the good news is that according to a lot of research, osteoarthritis isn’t an inevitable consequence of getting older. The likelihood of developing osteoarthritis increases.

Your Joints are Repeatedly Put Under Stress

Some people are more likely to experience cartilage damage in joint areas. For instance, those like assembly line workers baseball pitchers, ballet dancers, and grocery shop checkers often put too much stress on the joints.

Your Parents Experienced it

More and more studies have shown that a genetic factor could be the trigger for osteoarthritis. One study found that genetics are responsible for 50% of hip osteoarthritis patients. Hand osteoarthritis is thought to be at least partly caused by genetics. While you aren’t required to be diagnosed with osteoarthritis but you could be more likely to develop this disease if there is an inherited predisposition to deficient cartilage or joints that are poorly shaped is present throughout your family.

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