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Don’t replace your broken iPhone – Fix it cheaper way

Any skill level user can replace the iPhone battery, screen, speakers and more. But they have to let the pros break the broken parts, such as the motherboards. After a few years, the battery life will be faded. Even Apple’s extended warranty covers only two years. You have to pay $ 649 – at least – for the latest iPhone every two years, just to make sure you have a phone that still works?

Not necessarily! According to our friends, iFixit can fix many iPhone problems at the price of a professional repair or a new phone. Even though the iPhone looks like a single, seamless piece of aluminum, it can be taken without an engineering degree.

Regardless of whether you are considering replacing the iPhone or definitely replacing it, but are not sure to buy AppleCare +, look for which iPhone case you can repair and what you will pay for a professional call. Now a days there are many iPhone mobile service and repair available in Delhi , India .


While the iPhone has a lot of things, the two most common fixes are the iFixit batteries and screens. “Apple’s predicted life expectancy is that the iPhone battery will lose 20% of its charging capacity within two years,” explains Kay-Kay Clapp, community and information manager for iFixit. “Most of us update our phones when the battery starts to fail because we don’t know how easy it is to replace it.”


And screens that can be easily interrupted when falling on the floor are also easier to replace than they seem. “It was a complicated and time-consuming DIY – but since the iPhone 5, Apple has designed the display to come down first, and this has greatly simplified the repair,” says Clapp. The trick is that you need the right tools (you will notice that your iPhone has only two visible screws and does not fit the standard screwdriver) and has good instructions because Apple does nothing.

Water damage

One thing you can’t usually fix is ​​severe water damage. While the model of the old iPhone can survive the splash, another thing is another thing. “Water damage often causes corrosion that damages parts of the phone,” Clapp notes. Although conventional wisdom says that a bag of rice saves electronics that saves water by absorbing liquid, it does not cure corrosion.

Can I Really Improve My Own iPhone? This question may be rise in everyones mind!

The problem with recording an iPhone is that no repair manual is received. Still, it only takes a little bit of knowledge to get into the fixes. The first beetle: Apple uses its own “pentalobe” screw on the iPhone and will need a better screwdriver before you can even repair your phone. Once you have it, you can be surprised at how easy it is to get inside. After screwing, you can remove the iPhone screen (carefully; iFixit contains instructions for removing the 6th year screen for replacement) and you can enter everything.

Even though the iPhone seems scary, it’s not as difficult as it looks. They believe that anyone with any skill level can make common iPhone fixes. With the right parts, tools, device knowledge and a little confidence, it is easier to repair than you think.

“One of the biggest obstacles to repair is the manufacturer, not the user’s ability.Manufacturers rarely make repair information or replacement parts available, so potential repairers don’t know where to start.”

Any skill level user can replace the battery, screen, speakers and more. Spend time studying the patch online and then slowly working on your phone to avoid mistakes. With this advice, you can find out if you can fix the most common iPhone problems without having to spend hundreds of dollars for a replacement.

However, some things go beyond anyone who only works for a professional. Whatever the problem with the motherboard, the chips and the related components, it comes with expertise – which means that professional repairs or straight lines are replaced.

What Will My iPhone Pay for?

The newest model starts at $ 649 and rises from there. But many repairs, no matter where you put them, cost less. Make the most common iPhone 6 fixes; we are waiting for the repair costs of the iPhone 7

For broken screens:

Apple’s extended warranty program, AppleCare + ($ 129), costs $ 29 to replace the screen.Apple replaces the iPhone screen with a $ 129 warranty approximately.There are iPhone service center in Delhi, India.

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