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8 features iPhones have that other smartphone models don’t

The argument between Android and Apple has been going on for years, with some staying loyal to Apple and others flitting between the two. It has to be said that whether you prefer iPhones or Android phones, smartphones have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with features for almost everything. But what features do iPhones have that other smartphone models don’t?

We’ve done a bit of searching as to what kind of tricks iPhones can perform that an Android phone can’t, and we’ve made a list below. So, before you go off and buy a cheap iPhone from, take a look and see if you like any of these cool iPhone features.

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Though platforms like Zoom and Teams became incredibly popular during the Covid-19 pandemic, the original voice call app belongs to Apple (sorry Skype). FaceTime comes in-built into all iPhones and iPads and with the newer generations, you can even FaceTime users on Android devices, but you still need an Apple device to start the call.

Battery health checks

After lots of complaining about the iPhone batteries, Apple came up with new in-built technology that can monitor the health of your battery. It can check up on the functioning of your battery and lets you know when your battery might be in need of a service or totally replacing.

Focus modes

Though there is some competition in newer Android models, iPhones were the first to have in-built focus modes. A step up from Do Not Disturb, Focus Mode allows you to customise which apps can and can’t be used or send notifications. You can also set up automatic turn-on based on the time or your location. You can even customise your homepage to be less distracting!

Focus Mode syncs with your iCloud too, so the mode preferences can be accessed on all of your devices.

Message sync

If you have multiple Apple devices, you can sync your messages across the devices and access them anywhere. This means if you don’t have your phone to hand, you can reply to people’s messages on your MacBook or iPad for a speedy response.

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Drag and drop

The drag and drop feature is a more recent update to the iPhones, as well as iPads, and it allows you to drag and drop images, text, and URLs across apps easily. Though the feature works best on iPads, it is a cool feature of iPhones too!


With the new Airplay 2 update, you can listen to music across several devices, as well as access Apple TV across them too. This is a great feature of iPhones that Android has yet to beat!

Wi-Fi password sharing

One of our favourite features, the iPhone now offers a neat little trick for sharing your Wi-Fi password with guests. All you have to do is hold your phone next to those wishing to know the password and the code will appear on their screen for easy input and access to your Wi-Fi.


And finally, a cool and memory-saving feature of the iPhone; offloading. The offloading feature clears memory on your device by removing disused apps. You will be left with a greyed-out icon so, if you ever want to use the app again, you have easy access to it. The offloading feature also ensures that all of the previous data from the app is stored so that you can retrieve it when the app is reinstalled.


iPhones are full of handy little features for you to play around with and whether you’ve always had iPhones or are thinking about making the switch, these cool tricks could be great incentive to make the purchase!

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