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Top 5 Best Accounting Firms In Singapore

In case you have been under a rock for the past few years, Singapore has gone through a real economic rebirth and fiscal growth. It was the best accounting companies that made their contribution to make this happen.

This great city-state is making all efforts and investments to support its outstanding economic strength, keeping the accounting and auditing industry in-demand, stable, and growing. The key to their growth is in keeping the auditing sector alive and well.

Perhaps, this is why Singapore’s Gateway Of Asia’s Accounting services remain a centerpiece in the entire region of Southeast Asia. Since the country’s financial strength is steadily rising, the accounting/auditing industry is rapidly growing and increasing its status.

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The quality of accounting services in Singapore is unprecedented, making top Singapore accounting companies highly competitive. With that in mind, let’s see the top 5 accounting firms in Singapore and what makes them so competitive.

KPMG Singapore

Aside from being one of the top accounting offices in Asia, KPMG is one of the top-notch, most successful accounting firms worldwide. It is led by a managing partner, Ong Pang Thye.

The company offers a wide range of services, including advisory, tax, and audit services, and has an international network of member offices worldwide.

The firm’s specialty is mitigating and solving all sorts of risks for clients. The list of clients is exceptionally long, and it includes non-profit organizations, corporations, even governments.

KPMG is one of Singapore’s largest accounting offices, focusing on delivering top-class services, the best results, social responsibility, unprecedented expertise, and sheer professionalism.

PwC Singapore

In the second place, PwC Singapore falls shortly behind KPMG, being the second-best accounting firm in Singapore. The firm collaborates closely with its partner PwC offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

The firm’s primary focus is on delivering top results, solving vital problems, and building its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company in the local community.

Whether through an array of professional services or tax, advisory, and financial audits, PwC’s specialists and experts are highly regarded and deliver the best solutions that lead to optimal results.

Working with this accounting firm is one of the safest, most reliable ways to maximize your business opportunities.

EY Singapore

EY Singapore is led by Max Loh, managing partner that is also a member of what is known as the Asian “Big Four’’. This is one of the largest groups in Southeast Asia.

EY provides various professional services, including advisory, consulting, and tax, and the firm also performs auditing services on a wide range of publicly-traded enterprises on the Singapore Exchange list.

With one of the most professional teams in the accounting sector, EY values and aspires to a collaborative, respectful, and vibrant business environment, as well as creating a vast array of business opportunities for their clients. The main goal of this accounting firm is to provide each client with exceptional customer experiences.

Deloitte Singapore

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With more than 50 years of accounting experience, Deloitte is one of the best accounting firms in Singapore. The company employs 2,300 employees, focusing on business excellence, innovation, nurturing core values, building a healthy company culture, and entrepreneurship.

If you’re looking for the best tax services, risk management, financial advisory, consulting, and accounting advice in Singapore, Deloitte is one of the first places to go to.

Piloto Asia

Piloto Asia is more than just an accounting firm. It is your trustworthy and reliable partner that will get your business incorporated in Singapore by providing full-fledged business support to get you through all the laws and regulations.

At Piloto Asia, the client’s interest comes first. With a vast array of customized solutions, Piloto Asia offers accounting services in Singapore, as well as outsourcing, local network support, company incorporation and administration, business bank accounting, setting up a virtual office, tax compliance, and more.

Whether you need to stay up to date with quarterly and annual compliance requirements or you want to make a digital transition to reap the benefits of cloud-based accounting, Piloto Asia is at your disposal 24/7.


Singapore continues to be a bastion of steady demand for cutting edge accounting services that ensure maximum growth of the country’s industry. The strong international outlook and solid global standing make this country a true oasis of business opportunities, where tradition gives way to innovation.

The world’s top-class accounting firms and offices all make their contribution to keep Singapore ahead of the competition and ensure a top position as a global force in the fields of industrialization, finance, accounting, and business. Starting your business in Singapore is one of the best ways to tap into an abundant source of business opportunities.

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