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Top 9 Data Science Companies

Data Science is a dynamically developing industry, full of great opportunities. Today, more and more companies open their doors to data science and want to use the potential lying in this area. However, Data Science would not be worth anything if it was not for experienced data scientists who can use the latest technologies to extract information useful for business purposes.

What are the best data science companies on the market today?

Which Data Science companies are worth following?

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Quality business is focused on data science

Quality business is focused on data science

The most significant advantage of Data Science for your company is the reduction of risk. Data science companies help their clients detect and eliminate potential mistakes and troubles with their data and development. Data science can help whether you want to assess trends to set your business goals or test specific decisions.

Below is our subjective list of experts who remain active on the Internet and have a lot to offer to all those interested in broadly understood data analysis. The order in which they are presented is entirely random.


Addepto is one of the top data science and AI consulting companies operating in over 12 countries. Addepto’s services consist of comprehensive consulting services regarding big data analytics and data science, business intelligence (BI), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and even AI software development. With Addepto’s support, you will be able to make the most of the data you process in your company. Noticeably, Addepto actively runs a blog where they share knowledge and experience concerning data science and AI.


Analytics 8 has been on the market ever since 2003. The company is based in Chicago but has a second office in the UK. They specialize in the analysis of enterprise data. They help companies understand data and use it to solve diverse business problems. They support companies comprehensively, from creating a strategy to implementing solutions. Analytics 8 mainly provides services to financial, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and sales companies. So far, they have cooperated with over 700 companies around the world. Analytics 8 publishes articles related to Data Science on their website, but the company also organizes many online webinars.


It’s another Chicago-based company. Numerator specializes in providing data science solutions for the e-commerce industry. They use data analysis to observe consumer behavior and track how advertisements and promotions affect buyers’ purchasing decisions. Their activities are designed to help brands gain information about their customers and drive sales growth. The company has worked with over 1,300 brands, including Coca-Cola, Subway, HP, and NIKE.


The company’s mission is to accelerate enterprises’ digital transformation and increase their competitiveness thanks to data science. Cloudera was established in 2008, and after years of operation, it has offices all over the world. The company’s headquarters are located in California’s Silicon Valley. Their main product is Cloudera Data Platform, i.e., a data cloud for enterprises. The corporate platform enables companies to independently analyze data in hybrid environments while maintaining the highest security standards.


Impetus is a team of over 1,600 specialists around the world. In their activities, the company focuses on creating innovative ways to analyze data for companies. Thus, it helps them obtain essential business information. Impetus combines the possibilities of data science with technological knowledge in the entire big data ecosystem. Impetus regularly publishes substantive articles related to data science on their website. As part of their activities, they also organize webinars, during which they present important information from the industry and share specialist knowledge. The company is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, and has additional international offices in India, Australia, and Canada.


This company is based in Ukraine with branches in the United States and Great Britain. Light IT specializes in creating websites and mobile applications. At the same time, the company also provides consulting and advisory services related to data science. Thanks to their knowledge of working with databases, Light IT specialists help eliminate potential business irregularities. They provide not only web analytics but also mobile analytics services. As a result, they can propose robust solutions that contribute to companies’ growth and development worldwide.


Teradata is an international company with offices in many countries around the world, including Australia and some African countries. They cooperate with companies from over 75 countries. They use data analysis and the latest technologies to enable their clients to compete in the digital economy. Teradata provides comprehensive services for businesses from evaluation, definition through implementation, and management of analytical programs. Their activities are aimed at stimulating and increasing the flexibility of companies around the world.


Spins provide their services in particular to brands that are interested in implementing innovative solutions. They help companies to develop and scale their business and build a competitive advantage. Spins offer comprehensive services, from product and competition analysis, up to identifying distribution options and effective brand promotion.

Besides, this Chicago-based company is committed to increasing the availability and presence of natural and organic products in the marketplace. Thanks to Data Science, it also helps to understand the natural pet market. The activity of Spins is extensive and varied, so it’s worth taking a closer look.


Civis Analytics specializes in solving customer business problems by using data to make organizational decisions. In its activities, the company is strongly focused on a scientific and objective approach to Data Science. They cooperate with entities from both the private and public sectors. They help them make decisions based on statistical evidence. At the same time, they provide their clients with modern and scalable products and technologies to support business development.

Only by selecting the best data analytics companies can you take your business on a journey to a promising future. We’ve compiled this list so that you know what services are offered by the leading companies in the data science sector in 2021. We hope that our list will allow you to see the potential of data science, and you will know what to expect from companies specializing in data analysis.

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