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Signs of lottery addiction that players should know

Lottery addiction is not something people will admit, but it has been discussed. In general, lottery tickets are not expensive, so buying one or two of them doesn’t cost much money. In return, you will have a chance of winning a huge jackpot. Also, this form of gambling is popular and acceptable. That’s why it is easy to be addicted. Many people think that the winner is not random. As at this link,, the frequency of the numbers is monitored and recorded daily. From there, can help players know the numbers that are played a lot during the day, the numbers are unlikely to appear.

Who are at risk of lottery addiction?

Anyone can be at risk of the lottery addiction. Similar to other forms of gambling, people play the lottery to have fun. But for most people, when they lose, they will play more to get back their money. And when they do that, the lottery is no longer an entertainment form for them.

Even when you claim yourself as a responsible player, you can make the above mistake sometimes, especially if you hold misconceptions about the lottery’s random nature. If you think you are wealthy and can play the lottery many times, you can still be at risk. Financial capability of gamblers doesn’t matter to lottery addiction. It takes into account your behaviour.

You need to seek help if you are addicted to the lottery

What are the signs of lottery addiction?

When you realise that the lottery is causing some damage to you, it is a sign of lottery addiction on you. To make it clear, we will provide some signs of the problem with details. If you notice some of this, look for help!

1. You are using your savings to pursue the lottery

It costs you from $1 to $3 for a lottery ticket, so if you just buy one, it won’t be a problem. However, if you buy more than one and play multiple lines, it will become expensive. Some people play in a group of friends or colleagues to avoid spending too much. Others will set a massive budget when playing the lottery, but it doesn’t seem practical because not many people can afford it. Studies have shown that heavy lottery players are poor and could not complete high school education. And they are the main group of people who help the lottery exist.

It is acceptable to play the lottery. But you should only play when you have the money for that form of entertainment. Get a small portion of your income for it, and don’t touch your savings.

2. You get stuck in the lottery

Heavy lottery players keep looking for winning back the money they had lost. That is also another sign of lottery addiction. If you think that your losses are due to not having the right strategy, and you might have more chances when you change it, you are wrong. Strategy has nothing to do with gambling. It is about the same with luck.

You might think that you will be lucky next time, again and again. But remember that there is no room for luck in the lottery, even lucky numbers or horoscope numbers. You should only play for fun and for the joy that it brings. You will get the excitement and the possibility of winning the big amount of money. So, if you lose money, it is just what you pay for having a good time. Similar to buying a concert ticket, it is the price of your entertainment. So, in the lottery, it makes no sense to chase for the money you lose.

3. You start to have debts due to lottery gambling

Gamblers who are compulsive will borrow money when they run out of savings. Of course when you start playing the lottery, you don’t think that you should borrow money from anyone. However, when you run out of money and still remain the lottery habit, you will do it. One thing that is very dangerous about lottery addiction is that you won’t realize that you are addicted to it until your debt is too big.

Lottery addiction will cost you everything

Also, it is easy for gamblers to access short-term loans such as payday loans or student loans. That’s why college students are having the biggest gambling debts.

4. You lie more often

Everyone lies sometimes in their lives, but most of the time, they try not to. However, lottery addiction develops the habit of lying. So when you get addicted to the lottery, it is impossible not to lie. For instance, you lie about borrowing money from family members and friends for other purposes instead of gambling. Because if you tell them the truth, you might not get the money. The more addicted you are, the more lies you are going to tell.

5. You commit theft and fraud

Lying is not the worst thing you have done due to lottery addiction. If lying doesn’t help you get what you want, you will begin doing something worse, like commit theft and fraud. According to research from The Scottish Centre for Social Research, one out of ten gamblers had committed theft. Not only does lottery addiction have long-lasting consequences for the individual, but it also has severe impacts on people around you, including your family, friends, and the community. You will start robbing your family, then your friends and your neighborhood.

6. You spend too much time for lottery gambling

Another sign of lottery addiction is that you always think about it. That means you are being controlled by your gambling habit. You won’t pay attention to your work, your career and even your family. You will have many troubles if you don’t change. You might lose your job, your business and family. Even worse, you might lose your life. There has been people commited suicide because of gambling debts. So as long as you can control your habit, it is ok for you.

7. You can’t stop playing the lottery, even when you want to

You know gambling is not good and you desire to stop, but you can’t. The temptation of the lottery keeps you playing over and over again. Because if you don’t play, you will feel irritable.

In addition, you use gambling as a way to reduce anxiety, loneliness or depression. That’s how you know you are addicted to it. You do need to have good self-control when you play to avoid being a victim of lottery addiction.

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