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9 Benefits of Using Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are higher quality keyboards that have been gaining more popularity in the last few years, especially among gamers and typists. These keyboards are mostly known for their switch technology that enhances typing speed and accuracies. In addition to a better feel when keys are pressed, mechanical keyboards also produce varying sounds that enhance user experience. Aside from the price, mechanical keyboards come with a wide range of benefits or advantages over conventional keyboards, these include the following;

  • Improved Typing Experience

The mechanical switch found in mechanical keyboards makes typing faster and more accurate than conventional or traditional keyboards. There are different switch types in mechanical keyboards but they all enhance typing experience for the users. These switches normally come with actuation points that re detectable and they also provide acoustic feedback. Some switches are more optimized for gaming and others optimized for enhanced typing. Regardless of the type of switch in your mechanical keyboard, you will notice that less pressure is needed on the keys which makes typing or gaming faster.

Membrane keys on traditional keyboards have to be pressed way down just to confirm, but the tactile keys on mechanical keyboards provide a crispy response. There are actuation points under the keys of mechanical keyboards, hence you will confirm the letter or key you pressed, halfway. With this design, you will save micro-seconds on your typing speed.

  • Longer Lifespan

Mechanical keyboards last longer than the regular keyboards. Most of the switches found in mechanical keyboards have been subjected to between 30 and 100 million key presses and they survived. Your regular keyboards can barely survive 5 million key presses which means they have much lesser lifespans.

A longer lifespan is a great bargain when it comes to keyboards. It simply means you wouldn’t have to change your keyboard quite often. It will also reduce the need to spend money on repairs and maintenance.

  • There are no Wear Out

Mechanical keyboards don’t just last longer, they hardly wear out too. Typing on a typical mechanical keyboard will always feel like new even after using it for lots of years. The keys don’t get stuck and there are no clattering keys. This means that the letters and numbers on the keys will not fade out.

It is common to see keys and prints on traditional keyboards wearing out even after a few weeks or months of purchasing them new. Most keyboard users see wearing out of prints on keys as a turnoff and it can mess up their use of such keyboards as they have to delete wrong key press results.

  • Great Stability and Robustness

Mechanical keyboards are heavier than the regular keyboards, this means they wouldn’t shift easily. This robustness and stability will contribute to the accuracy of typing and gaming. There are two types of switches in mechanical keyboards, Linear and tactile switches.

Linear switches don’t come with bumps to create actuation points, they provide smoother typing experience, though the typing speed is slightly slower than those in tactile keyboards. Switches in mechanical keyboards require much less pressure to press and, in most cases,, you don’t feel like pressing anything.

  • Visually Impaired Users Can Rely on Sound

Though, it is true that the sound levels of mechanical keyboards are rather too loud when compared to regular keyboards. Fortunately, there are some models of these keyboards are silent enough for comfortable usage. On the other hand, the louder sounds of mechanical keyboards can be of great advantage to visually impaired computer users.

  • Great Price Bargain

It is true that mechanical keyboards are more expensive than the regular keyboards but you should rather see it as a great bargain. One mechanical keyboard may outlast 2 or more regular keyboards. Instead of spending money on changing regular keyboards, why not invest in a mechanical keyboard that will last for decades? The brand and model of the keyboard may determine the current prices of these products.

  • Easier Maintenance and Cleaning

The key caps on mechanical keyboards can be easily removed, especially when you want to clean, replace, or modify it. These caps can be easily re-installed after you finish cleaning or any other modification you are applying, without any risk of damaging the keyboard.

Unlike traditional keyboards that attract dust and other dirt easily, mechanical keyboards are mostly built with dust and weather-repelling coating materials to make them retain their shine for long. This can also contribute to lower maintenance and less frequent cleaning of the outer and inner components of the keyboards.

  • They Offer More Ergonomic Advantage

Mechanical keyboards are designed not to put strains on your arm, or any joint on your hand. That is why you may spend lots of hours on these keyboards without feeling any pressure on your fingers or hands.

Ergonomic problems are associated with most conventional keyboards with many users reporting pain, especially in the wrist. The angle of elevation of a mechanical keyboard is designed to be proportionate to the user’s wrist and sitting position. Some mechanical keyboards do come with adjustable elevation which allows them to be adjusted to suit their optimal comfortable position.

  • Customized to Suit Your Needs

Some people buy mechanical keyboards just for their looks alone. Some of these keyboards come with specialized keys, in addition to general backlit keys. Some mechanical keyboards also come with extra 15 keys or more, with some of these keys dedicated to special functions. You may also go for keyboards with fewer keys, depending on your personal needs. Regardless of your preferences, mechanical keyboards are personalized for you.


As mentioned earlier, the switch type in mechanical keyboards makes them more efficient than regular keyboards. The tactile switches come with a bump that you feel when you press a key down. It is the bump that represents an actuation point and it is at this point the computer will register your key presses. It is also the bumps that produce the click sound associated with mechanical keyboards. If you don’t want the usual noises in mechanical keyboards, perhaps you should go for the ones with linear switches.

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