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The Best Way To Increase Mastery Points in League of Legends

The League of Legends mastery system is a specific scoring method that serves to track the progress of players on a single champion. For example, a player who likes to play with Vayne and most often plays with Vayne will be able to track his success over time. If he progresses with Vayne, his mastery score grows while he wins Champion Points with each victory. The Mastery System is available to any player who is at a minimum level of 5. In this article, we will explain in a little more detail how the mastery system works and what are the best ways to increase mastery points in the League of Legends. So, we should begin.

If you have passed level 5 in League of Legends, you will soon find out what a mastery system is. You start with Mastery Level 1 and 0 Champion Points. To collect Champion Points, you have to play a lot of matches, win a lot of matches and make sure that your team does its best otherwise, you will not win Champion Points. Also, you have to own a champion to reach higher levels with it because Riot only allows reaching Mastery Level 4 with a champion that is not in your collection.

Furthermore, within the League of Legends client, go to your profile, and there you will be able to see your 3 best champions with whom you have the highest Mastery Level. By improving your Mastery rank, you will be able to win various rewards and achievements within the game.

At the end of each match, you can win or lose a certain amount of Mastery Points for the champion you played with. It’s simple, the more Mastery Points you have for one champion, the higher your Mastery Level.

How do Mastery Levels work?

There are 7 Mastery Levels, and as your Master rank increases, you win rewards and move to higher levels.

You can win a Mastery Level emote when you reach level 7, and it is actually a sign that you have become a master of the champion with which you reached level 7. Also, you can win a banner for your portrait and a loading screen badge to show your Mastery level in the match.

However, it is not easy to climb through Mastery levels; the more you want to climb, the harder it is to reach higher Mastery levels. You must have a sufficient amount of Blue Essence or Champion Shards / Permanents and two Mastery tokens to reach Mastery level 6. You can win Mastery tokens if you get an S-, S, or S + rating. For Mastery level 7, you need to have as many as 3 Mastery tokens which you will only get if your grade is S + or S at the end of the match. We all know how hard it is sometimes to win S grades, so these Mastery levels are a great success for any player if they manage to reach them.

How can I win an S grade after a match?

Well, it is now crystal clear that to climb the Mastery ladder, you need to win good grades in every match. Good grades give you Mastery Points, as we mentioned. So, to succeed with Mastery Levels, you have to play extremely well and try to make your team successful; that is the basic formula for success. However, this is not so easy to achieve, so we will give you some tips on how to improve your gaming performance to start stringing together those S ratings. Keep reading, the tips are just around the corner.

We’ll start with the best advice you can find (well, this is one of the hidden tips, so you may not find it easily if you google it yourself) to increase your chances of winning an S grade.

  • Play as a Support

You’re probably wondering how this may be the best advice for getting an S grade. Well, the trick is to get ratings for a number of factors and look at the champion roles and the overall statistics of other players playing with the same champion and the same role. The support role is not intended for getting kills or killing minions, so every kill you win as support increases your score at the end of the match. The number of assists is essential for support roles, so make sure you are there with your ADC champion and help him kill the enemy champion. Basically, you don’t need to collect points on some other things like ADC roles, so prepare to be the best support champion and steal that kill; the chances of an S grade are significantly increased.

  • Kill those minions

The Creep Score (CS) is incredibly important, and it is often neglected by new players. If you are a beginner player, now it is time to learn how to farm properly. It is usually good to have a minimum of 8 minions killed per minute, and each minion more means that your Creep Score increases and thus opens up the possibility of an S grade. All roles should pay attention to this, except for the support role; as we said, the Creep Score is not so important for support champions.

  • Death and kills ratio

As you might have guessed, what most affects your champion’s rating is the ratio of kills and deaths. If you want to stay in the race for an S grade at the end of the match, you have to make sure you have a lot more kills than deaths. Of course, the assists you have also affect the final grade. This is a slightly more complex task because it is not enough just to kill enemy champions and expect S for that. In addition to killing enemy champions, you have to pay attention to other things in the game, such as farming, objectives, or helping your teammates during teamfights.

  • Put that vision ward into the bushes

Vision Wards, huh? You may not have expected them on this list; who would have thought they could have a big impact on the final grade? Well, you can have a lot of kills and a few deaths; you can be the best support, but if your vision score is low, forget about S grade. Vision wards serve to warn of the danger of enemies and to facilitate movement through the jungle. So, set those vision wards all over the map and watch your enemy champions reveal themselves from the ambush one by one. Remember, your vision score depends on the correct and successful setting of vision wards, so make an effort to collect champion points on this easy task.


As you could read through the article, the Mastery system is designed to reward your progress with each champion. You can play with only one champion and reach the highest Mastery level and let your opponents know that a match with you and your Mastery level 7 champion will give them a headache. In the Mastery system, you progress from level 1 to level 7. The higher the level, the harder it will be for you to reach it; apart from good games and S grades, you will have to have Mastery Tokens and Blue Essences. However, each of your Mastery levels will bring you certain rewards just for you, so it pays to be the best. With a vision score, make sure you have more kills than deaths, increase your Creep Score and increase your chances of S grade playing as a support champion. Good luck!

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