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Creating A Profitable Mobile Gaming App: 10 Things To Do And Consider

Mobile games have seen massive success in the past decade, and many businesses and individual developers are keen to get in on the action. There is more to developing a successful mobile gaming app than throwing together a new version of a classic game and launching it in an app store. The market is flooded with gaming apps, meaning your game has to stand out in quality and unique gameplay experience.

There is a lot you can do to ensure the success of your gaming app. You’ll need a quality app to begin with and a solid marketing strategy to get your app noticed. Competition is fierce in the mobile gaming world, but success can see you making good money.

Keep Things Streamlined

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when developing an app is to try to make it more complex than it needs to be. Users prefer apps that are simple to operate and don’t inundate them with processes and things to do that might overwhelm them. Keeping your app simple can be the key to success when paired with a unique experience or twist on a classic game.

Start Building Hype ASAP

The more hype you generate for your gaming app, the higher your chances of success and profitability. You’ll need to invest money in the promotion process to get the app seen by as many as possible. It is a good idea to start promoting your game at least a month before its scheduled release, as this can build up excitement for the game without making gamers wait too long for its release.

You should keep your marketing and promotion campaigns in mind from day one of the development process. Having the best possible game in the world will mean little if no one ever hears about it. Don’t be afraid to invest significant money into marketing, as this is often the best way to get results.

Integrate Social Media

People like to share what they’re up to, and gamers are no exception. Make it easy for your customers to share their achievements on social media. This is simple enough to implement by including a “Share To…” button after each level or challenge. You can choose which platform options to give your users, and it is best to include the most popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Consider Ways To Monetize The App

Monetizing your app is the way that you will make most of your money from it. There are plenty of ways to monetize your app, and you’ll need to consider your customers’ needs and preferences when deciding how to monetize. For instance, for more complex and lengthy adventure games, players are usually happier to buy the app initially, while for simpler level-based puzzle games, customers will usually expect to download the app for free.

You can also make money through in-app purchases, a common element in many mobile games. You’ll need to price the in-app purchases carefully to ensure that they get used by customers. You can also use advertising and sponsorship on your app to raise extra money.

Test For Errors And Vulnerabilities

Nothing will put players off your game, like glitches and bugs during the gameplay experience. In addition, customers want to use games they know they can trust with their data. Any issues in the code for your app could be a risk on both fronts, so you will need extensive testing to ensure the app is secure and market-ready. There are plenty of ways to test your app and ensure that it provides the best in gameplay and security.

For security-focused testing, you could use static application security testing. This form of testing can be a great way to identify vulnerabilities in your app before it reaches the market. Always use a professional and experienced company like ForAllSecure to handle your app security needs.

Hire Quality Developers

The quality of the app you develop will depend on the developers you choose. If you are developing the app yourself, you will need to ensure you understand the development process inside and out. It may also help to develop a few tester apps before creating the one you hope to make money from.

Hiring professional app developers is the best option if you don’t have the skills or experience to create your own app. Always check a developer’s portfolio and case studies, and choose one with experience creating quality games.

Know What Your Market Wants

The gaming market is a large one, and there are a lot of niches within it. When you settle on the type of game you want to develop, you’ll need to do market research to find out more about the demands of that niche and how you can best serve them. You’ll need to do more than launch a classic game with new graphics – you’ll need to put a whole new spin or unique take on a game.

Decide On Apple, Android Or Hybrid

Choosing which operating systems your app will work on is another critical question. There are two key options, Android or Apple, and there is the choice to create an app that works for both. You can also develop two apps for each operating system, but this is a costly option. Hybrid is often the best answer, as it allows you to get the best of both worlds.

Keep Improving The App

A common misconception about app development is that once it is made and launched, you can forget about it and wait for the money to start coming in. Apps require constant development and improvements throughout their lifecycle, so you should be aware of the maintenance that will be required. Some common improvements needed throughout the lifecycle of an app include glitch, bug and error fixes, launching new challenges and levels, and improving the graphics quality.

Think About Financing

App development doesn’t often come cheap, and the costs can mount up even if you’re developing your own app. It is a good idea to consider how you’ll finance the project until the app begins to make money. The simplest solution could be personal financing through a loan or credit card, though you should never borrow more than you can afford to pay back. You could also look for investors to help you get your app developed.

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