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6 Most Famous And Helpful Apps For Law Enforcement Personnel

When there is an app for almost everything today then why not have some for those who keep us safe? Such apps have made patrol work a much easier one, with enhanced investigations working much more efficiently. These mind blowing six apps below will save your trip back to the station and also keep you engaged in your investigations:


  1. Police Pad

It is an all-rounder tool for security professionals or law enforcers. With the help of Police Pad, you can now maintain a detailed shift log without going through the hassle of finding a pen or paper to write on. Add, view or edit the event notes and pictures, save the location and time, view multiple or single events on the map, create custom events, generate the PDF reports of events and share them with others through email- all this with one tool at just the price of $2.99.

  1. Raids Online

This is an absolutely wonderful app that helps in reducing crime and improving public safety. This app automatically alerts the public about any recent crime activity and has greatly reduced the communication gap between the public and law enforcement personnel. This app even empowers the public to use the same technology as used by law enforcement. It allows you to search for crime in your area, view the crime maps that will keep you informed of any crime activity, view the maps from the powerful GIS technologies by ESRI and enables you to even submit an anonymous tip.

  1. MobilePatrol Public Safety App

This mind blowing app connects you to news, safety information for places you want to know about. Law enforcement agencies nationwide widely use this app to give you timely information, keeping you and your loved ones safe and secure. The alerts and updates are received automatically; making sure everything is safe and sound.

  1. Crime Scene Tracker

This app was developed for special usage of the law enforcement agencies. It helps the law enforcement professionals create evidences and also create digital recordings of reminders or hints from crime scenes. Crime Scene Tracker can be proved most useful if you were to be at a crime scene and you could not save the evidences or hints digitally. With this helpful tool, you can show the evidences and crime scenes within the app through GoogleMaps to get an overview and even generate PDF files regarding the crime scene.

  1. Police One

This app provides a wonderful opportunity for the law enforcement officers to break police news, expert columnist articles and videos, and that too completely free of cost. It is the most comprehensive and trusted app for law enforcement agencies and police officers worldwide. Be it the browsing of latest news or researching about something important right from the squad car, Police One gives the officers complete access to the mobile resources that were never available before.

  1. My Police Department

This app has brought public safety services at your fingertips. It comes with numerous options, bug fixes and features. Your law enforcement agency would be proud to introduce this app to the community since it is built to connect the local public with the police in order to build a strong community network.

Several different apps have been developed for law enforcement agencies to provide them with digital resources both on and off duty. These apps have made the world a much safer place to live. It has even given a wonderful platform to law enforcers to succeed in their lives with much more confidence and perseverance. Make use of these apps in your daily lives and make this world a better place for your children to live.


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