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5 Reasons Why Brands Need A Video Marketing Strategy

According to 2020 research, more than 96 percent of people have watched a video to learn more about a company, product, or service. If that statistic tells you something, is that you need to have a video marketing strategy in your organization. Marketers are also increasingly finding the importance of using videos to promote their content.

It is common knowledge that most large companies have taken on the concept of video marketing as it is such a powerful tool to advertise and market their businesses such as animated commercials. However, several small businesses have yet to avail themselves of this tool and have yet to make a mark in their respective industries.

Why is this so? Well, there is no magic wand that can be waived in the company’s favour that can result in immediate success. For videos to be successful, they need to be carefully planned, produced, and marketed effectively. A good video will attract a great deal of attention and as a result, the company can expect a significant increase in their customer base.

In today’s article, we will look at the 5 reasons why brands need a video marketing strategy like the one offered by creative video agency LocalEyes.

Video increases conversions and sales

One of the first and arguably the most important reasons for having a video marketing strategy in your organization is that video helps increase conversions and sales. Going back to statistics, it has been found that 74 percent of customers who watched a video about a product or service subsequently purchased it.

That’s why if you want to increase your sales by promoting your business through video ads or photos, you should hire an experienced creator like

And since increasing sales and revenues is part of your long-term goals, a video marketing strategy has never been more important.

One of the common mistakes of most small businesses is that they don’t put in the effort to promote themselves through video. People take many videos for granted these days; just because they are uploaded online, they aren’t taken seriously. But a simple video message can do wonders for your brand. It’s just the right thing to do when you want your consumers to see and appreciate what you have to offer. Just imagine the level of awareness you can create with a simple clip. How can video marketing strategy help your business?

Vision is the most dominant sense in humans, and more than 80 percent of data conveyed to our brain is graphic. So if images can have this massive impact on the human brain, imagine the effect of moving pictures!

Video enhances SEO

According to HubSpot, 65 percent of business owners said they visited a marketer’s site after watching an explainer video. What does this mean? Quality videos can help you enhance viewer engagement and capture client’s interest, thus driving traffic to your online accounts and website.

This is very important if you want to rank your website higher in search engines and the more traffic and clicks your site receives from videos the higher it will rank in Google and other search engines.

However, not every video on your website will boost your SEO. In addition to being a high-quality video, it also should be:

  • Short and to the point
  • Highly optimized with relevant titles, descriptions, and subtext, and so on.
  • Text transcribed

Easily shareable

The other key reason why brands need a video marketing strategy is that people tend to remember marketers who have gone the extra mile, those who have used fancy words that simply meant ‘more than what they said’. Remember the time and money that were spent on building a strong brand name? People remember that. It’s time to make good on that!

An average social video receives 1200 percent more shares compared to image and text content combined. This can lead to more than 190,000 unique visitors every month.

Videos are easily shareable because they are amusing and engaging and deliver real-world value to customers such as tips, hacks, and trips.

But you cannot include video in your marketing strategy if you don’t have a video marketing department.

Another important thing to note, in social media, the audience share emotions rather than facts. According to a study on social media users, 76 percent admitted to sharing videos with friends and their followers if it was funny and entertaining.

It is affordable

One of the good things about having a video marketing strategy in your organization is its cost-friendliness. Given the low cost involved, your message will be seen by more people. The days of having to pay just pennies to put a small video on YouTube are over. You can easily set yourself up for success by uploading your professionally-shot video to sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

In addition to this, your customers will be able to view your video in a separate window, without having to play the same video multiple times.The team doesn’t have to create Hollywood-like videos to reap the rewards. Thanks to the new technological tools (some of which are free) that contribute to video adoptions worldwide, anyone can create high-quality content and share it with their audience.

For instance, you can create HD marketing videos using nothing but just a smartphone. Moreover, there are plenty of ways to put together an affordable marketing campaign, provided you have enough creativity in your team. Creative, humorous, emotionally provoking video advertisements can receive thousands of shares and likes across social media platforms.

Video marketing explains almost everything

The key reason why brands need a video marketing strategy is that consumers tend to forget human nature. We are hard-wired to respond positively towards videos – even if they are just a few seconds long – instead of audio. If your video is loaded with great content, it is bound to get past that ‘spider-webbing’ effect that happens when you load a page with lots of irrelevant information. You don’t have to worry about this, though. Just think of YouTube and how successful the videos there have been – there’s no denying it.Be it a new product or service, behind the door of your company, or how-to-d tutorials, video can explain virtually anything and in the shortest time possible.


In conclusion, videos are effective means of communicating brand messages to clients and prospective consumers. They can easily go from being a simple marketing tool to an effective advertising strategy that will get the business many positive results in terms of increased sales, brand exposure and even brand loyalty.

In short, this tool can help a business achieve the goals that it has set out to achieve. Hence, all that is left for businesses to do is to ensure that the video marketing they are planning to employ is worth the effort it will involve.

The above 5 reasons why brands need a video marketing strategy is not an exhaustive list. There are plenty of benefits of using video as part of your marketing, but it all comes down to your team’s creativity.

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