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Pyrus is the Tool to Stop Email Overload

Most companies depend on one (or several) group(s) of people, where connection is undoubtedly important. But this is something that can, sometimes, be hard to get, especially for larger and/or teams working remotely. Especially in these cases, communication is not so easy and, quite often, is done through several different channels, which only helps to increase confusion.

Pyrus is a team communication tool that helps to move work forward, and they are launching a new tool today, one that is very useful to diminish the gap between group chat and task management software, as it provides users a straightforward inbox-based user interface to communicate and track tasks. This is all done within the same platform, which has virtually no learning curve – anyone who can send an email already knows how to use Pyrus.

Still, while Pyrus is an amazing tool for team management, it also impresses in the way that it is dealing with Android Wear devices. The developers of Pyrus put a big effort to make the service to work with these devices, because “they are a big part of the future”. In this video it is possible to see how seamlessly the app works on an Android smartwatch.

Max Nalsky, founder and CEO of Pyrus, commented on the merits of his product:

“Pyrus empowers business managers to automate their department workflows without elaborate customization or coding. Spreadsheets are a definitive example of technology enabling non-technical users to solve very challenging problems without advanced math or programming skills. Pyrus aims to bring a similar power to workflow automation.”

Pyrus service keeps everyone on the loop, regardless of their location or platform of choice (also with mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone), offering a great deal of other interesting features. Pyrus has a free with no member limitation, with paid plans available for as little as $0.12 per user per day.

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