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All You Need to Know About Thermography Printing

The engraving was considered an effective and one of the best printing techniques until thermography printing emerged. Engraving achieved popularity because of its unique ability to develop raised pictures on almost all types of surfaces. Indeed, it was considered a major evolution in the printing sector.

Despite being an effective printing technique, people couldn’t afford this expensive and time-consuming printing method. Fortunately, the advent of a thermographic printing solution has proven quite helpful for businesses and individuals that are looking for a perfect alternative to engraving.

Thermography printing is all about producing the raised images. The end result of this print is similar to that of engraving. The best part about the thermography printing solution is that it comes with a cheaper price tag. In order to get the raised effect on the material, the booklet printing company New York city uses a special powder with ink for image printing. Once done, they use heating solutions to dry the mixture. Eventually, a raised print is obtained.

Why Choose Thermography Printing over other Printing Solutions

We have already discussed how the cost-effective nature of thermography printing makes it an ideal solution for raised prints. But, that’s not the only reason that makes thermography an effective printing technique. In fact, the technique has gained popularity for the following reasons:

  • Color brightness
  • Durable prints
  • Fast turnaround
  • The large volume of prints
  • Versatility

The output might not look as sharp and precise as engraving prints. But, it still is a perfect option for those who want raised prints without having to spend a fortune. Also known as Raised Ink Printing, Thermography is often used in booklet printing, wedding cards, business cards, and visiting cards, stationery, brochures, announcements, and annual reports. Fortunately, it has several applications. Let’s see why you should consider thermography print.

1. Low-budget Projects

As mentioned above, thermography was developed as an alternative to the costly printed stationery of engraving. If you need the engraving effects on your printed documents without spending thousands of bucks, then thermography print is your ideal option.

You could print almost all types of papers using this technique – be it promotional business cards and brochures or wedding invitations. Any print that needs raised image effect can be printed with a thermography printing solution.

2. High-quality Prints

There’s no denying that engraving is the best when it comes to quality and precision. In fact, no printing technique could match the accuracy of engraving. Thermography prints might not look as sharp as engraving, but the former offers high-quality output.

Businesses have started considering thermography prints as a reliable solution for all the printing requirements. In fact, it is extensively used for brochure, invitation letterheads, envelopes, annual reports, flyers, business & visiting cards, and booklet printing.

3. Thermography Prints for Special Occasions

Not only for promotional purposes, but thermography prints are also used for personal occasions and special events such as wedding invitation prints. People have thousands of wedding cards that need accurate printing.

Considering the expensive cost of engraving, only a thermography printing solution seems a reliable option since they cost less and look pretty elegant. You could also use it for printing birthday invitation cards, greeting cards, and booklets.

4. Glossy or Matte – What Do You Want?

One major difference between thermography prints and engraving is the print output. Thermography gives a glossy finish, while the latter results in matte print. Does your project need a glossy finish? Well, thermography is the best option. If you need matte prints, then thermography may not provide you with the best results.

5. Immediate Use

The fusion of the ink and powder has to travel through the heat tunnel so that the ink dries immediately. As a result, you get a ready-to-use printed paper, which is completely dry. You could pack the prints, trim it, or make adjustments if needed. Overall, you can use them almost immediately.

Final Words

So, are you looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and durable printing solution for raised prints? Well, thermography print is your pick! Whether you have business materials or special invitation printing requirements, hire a professional thermography printing company such as IPW1 and get the best quality printed papers at a competitive price. Good Luck!

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