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Fun student activities With Airsoft Guns

If one day you want to reboot, throw out the accumulated emotions and just actively relax on the weekend – airsoft will be an excellent choice. It is extremely important to find the activities you truly enjoy besides your study. Your brain needs to switch to something else, so it can fully relax.

Doing so, will maximize your academic performance at College, and make your life more enjoyable overall. It is recommended to choose something involving and active, like sports, or even better, team sports and games like airsoft. Being a student I was able to pay someone to write my paper, so I could spend more time on other College activities.

Where did airsoft come from?

The birthplace of this war game is considered to be Japan, where after the Second World War it was forbidden to use real weapons. But it was necessary to train the soldiers. Therefore, the quick-witted Japanese have created an exact likeness of a combat weapon, but with plastic or metal pellets.

Gradually, this idea was picked up by the military from other countries because of its cheapness, and then ordinary people. Gradually, airsoft has become a favorite game in many countries. Some companies even use this game for team building and having fun outside of the office.

The specifics of the game

This is a military tactical game. You play it in groups of 6 people or more. It completely simulates combat operations and lasts from a couple of hours to a day. Scenarios are used in a variety of ways, for example, white versus red, capturing a tower, storming a fortress, searching for a banner.

Weapons, or as they are also called correctly drive, shoot quite noticeably. Bullets can leave bruises and even small holes on the body if they hit at close range. To protect themselves from this, participants wear protective camouflage, which also adds up to the entourage.

Military operations are conducted both in the forest belt and on abandoned buildings and construction sites. The organizers check and prepare the area in advance so that the games are safe.

Also, for safety, the drives are marked with ribbons of different colors: green, yellow, and red. If the output of the balls is less than 125 meters per second, then this is a “green” drive and they can be played indoors. Yellow and red markers mean that the drive can only be played outdoors.

Rules of the game

Airsoft is a game without referees, it is based on honesty. Therefore, the main rule is to give up if you are hit. Otherwise, it becomes not interesting to play, and they lose confidence in the player who lied. There are also the following rules:

  • Only adults play.
  • Protective equipment is required, especially for the eyes.
  • Non-civilian military protective clothing is mandatory.
  • Do not carry weapons outside the playground.
  • Don’t shoot at point-blank range.

How to become a player and where to get a drive?

Now many clubs arrange airsoft games for beginners. Right on the spot, you can rent a drive, equipment, and a charge of balls, which can be purchased in the process. The pleasure of a one-time trip is not expensive. However, if you decide to take up this extreme sport, you will have to invest.

Professionals buy walkie-talkies, night vision devices, helmets, body armor, and other relevant paraphernalia.

How to become a player and where to get a drive?

What you need to play

First of all, the company. The game involves a group of people, so one person who wants to go to the playground will not be taken.

Take care of comfortable and sturdy shoes. Leave light sports slippers and sneakers at home: they will be stuffed with sand, jumping on stones will be painful and unsafe.

Take strong gloves, then climbing stairs will be easier. Choose clothes as comfortable as possible without ties and ribbons, too. Preferably one that is not a pity to tear or smear. You will wear a protective suit upstairs.

They can offer a protective face mask made of wire, as in fencing, but it is inconvenient and greatly interferes with the view. It is better to cover the face up to the glasses with a thick handkerchief.

A headdress is required.

Also take a backpack, drinking water, and a snack.

How to behave on the site?

The main thing is to discard fear and turn on all your feelings to the maximum. The enemy can be anywhere, it is important not to come under fire. Look under your feet: there may be pits, stones on the ground. You can also blow up on a grenade by hooking a tripwire. From here, however, there will be only sound, but you can be scared great. Listen to the advice of more experienced players, because your mistake can become a failure of the whole team. And hide the phone in your backpack, or don’t take it with you at all, because it is easy to break it on the playground.

What are the benefits of the airsoft game?

It develops logical thinking. Teaches you to think through actions in advance. Honing teamwork. You will learn how to disguise yourself, dig trenches, build shelters, hide grenades, and sit in ambush. So, why not get good military training, but completely without strain and for your pleasure? It’s also a great way to relieve stress. During the game, the brain forgets about the problems outside the playground, because there is only one task here and now – to survive.

A charge of adrenaline and delight from victory gives a powerful emotional surge. As a result, you seem to have been running for 7 hours, but you feel very energized. In addition, you will definitely find friends in the airsoft team. This activity can be treated also as a workout because you will run around a lot, hide from the enemies, and also use your arms a lot. Airsoft is a truly unique experience you should try for yourself.

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