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10 must have tools for bloggers

Blogging has become a widely used and convenient way for individuals to get their message out there about any topic they want to talk about. It’s also a great way to provide useful information to your readership, while promoting your products or services. And, although blogging is a more casual form of written communication, it should still meet certain standards of quality, both for the reader’s sake as well as the sake of the blogger’s reputation as a credible source.

You’ve also got to consider your blog’s appeal to the search engines because, after all, if the search engines don’t like what you’re writing, your readers will have a much more difficult time finding your content.

These 10 tools will help you achieve these things in your blogs.

SEO Quake

Conduct quick SEO audits on your page to see how you can optimize things for increased performance.


Build your email list, then easily send communications out to your subscribers through AWeber’s simple to use programs. Stay connected and keep readers in the loop on your updates and new information.

Custom Essay

Ensure when you post a blog for all to read, it’s absolutely flawless when it comes to grammar, spelling and writing style. The editing team can give you a hand in making that happen.

Easy Word Count

Keep your content within the word count you’re aiming for by running it through Easy Word Count. Instantly, you’ll get a highly accurate tally of your words used, characters and characters including spaces. You may be limited to a certain number of words or characters, so ensure you’re using your given space wisely.

Idea Generator

When you’ve run out of ideas, but still need to put together content, check out this idea generator to get the juices flowing. It also provides you with fun and quirky title ideas to help spark some creative energy.

Australian Help

Questions around the rules of grammar always arise, no matter how experienced a writer you are. This comprehensive collection of grammar resources makes it easier to look up the problem you’re stuck on and find a solution.


Save yourself a lot of time and energy in researching keywords and spending money on failed PPC campaigns. With BuzzSumo, it’s easy to see who the biggest influencers are in a given area, and what content is performing best in that topic. See what’s trending and what’s being shared to gain a better understanding of what readers are interested in.


When you’re trying to create content for your online audience with the hopes of turning them into customers, you’re engaging in content marketing. This in-depth guide leads you through the steps of successful content marketing, giving you scenarios to help make each step more understandable.


Don’t get accused of plagiarism, whether it’s done intentionally or not. It will destroy any credibility you have, and you’ll completely lose the trust of your readers that you’ve worked so hard to get. A quick check through Plagium can search the web and compare your content for duplicates. It’s better to realize, before you post your blogs, that your writing has got too many similarities to another piece of content – this allows you to make changes to your own work, so it’s no longer considered too alike.

Cite It In

Regardless of how casually written your blogs are, when it comes to citing outside sources, you have to make sure it’s done properly. Providing your readers with poorly structured references only reflects poorly on yourself. Get citations constructed quickly and perfectly, with the help of Cite It In.

Making your readers and the search engines happy will both contribute to the success of your blog, and these tools can help you with achieving that.


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