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5 Workplace Tools to Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the driving force behind productivity. It’s not just about job satisfaction; it’s about invigorating the workforce to contribute their best. While this used to solely be about culture and leadership (and it still is, to a large extent), there are now tech and tools to consider which can really enhance engagement.

Collaboration Platforms

Software like Slack and Microsoft Teams have revolutionised workplace communication. These platforms provide seamless, real-time interaction, breaking down the barriers of traditional email communication.

Teams can share ideas and files, meaning feedback is instant too. This creates an environment of constant interaction, even when employees are working remotely.

The integration of various applications within these platforms further streamlines workflow, ensuring that all team members are on the same page. Crucially, they create a virtual space that mimics the dynamics of a physical office, enabling remote and hybrid teams to feel connected. This sense of belonging and easy accessibility to colleagues elevates the overall collaborative spirit.

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is a tool for displaying crucial company updates, achievements and information in real-time. This approach ensures that all employees, regardless of their location, are equally informed and engaged with the company’s message.

Employee digital signage displays can be customised to showcase a range of content, from motivational quotes to celebrating employee milestones.  By keeping everyone in the loop, digital signage solutions creates a transparent and inclusive workplace culture, which is essential for maintaining high levels of engagement.

Professional Development Platforms

Platforms like LinkedIn Learning and Coursera serve as gateways to endless learning opportunities – they’re like universities that exist on our web browser. With access to so many courses and workshops, enabling employees to upskill and expand their professional knowledge at their own pace is a great motivator. Research continuously shows that employees want to feel as if they can move up the ladder and progress their career, and this is done through learning. But, of course, it makes them more productive in the short-term too, not just through motivation, but learning skills valuable to the company.

Employee Feedback Systems

Tools like SurveyMonkey and Officevibe are instrumental in gathering and analysing employee feedback. They provide a platform for employees to voice their opinions and suggestions anonymously, creating a safe space for honest feedback. This input is invaluable for organisations looking to improve their work environment and practices. Acknowledging and acting upon employee feedback demonstrates that their opinions matter, which is a powerful driver of engagement.

Wellness and Mental Health Apps

Maintaining mental health and wellness has always been important, but this wasn’t always promoted or accepted. Today, it’s highly valued, and apps like Headspace and Calm offer resources for meditation and stress management.

By incorporating these tools into the workplace, companies signal their commitment to the overall well-being of their employees. This not only enhances focus and productivity, but it reduces staff turnover and burnout.


In summary, these tools can all play a role in enhancing employee engagement. It’s now understood the value of benefits and niceties in a workplace, and using technology is seemingly our best weapon to achieve it.

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