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Manage Your Photos in the Cloud with YoVivo!

We all like to take photographs and capture videos with our smartphones but, from a certain point on, our devices become cluttered with so many photos and videos, so much that is hard to keep track of everything. Obviously, this kind of content also takes up the smartphone’s storage, which is why most people will use a cloud service to upload and store all that, so that the smartphone capacity does not end up full.

But this only solves the problem locally because, similarly, from a certain point on it becomes hard to know what is stored where, as we often use several cloud services to host our files. To keep a better control on all this, a tool like YoVivo!, a new app that is being launched today, is certainly very helpful.

This is an app that lets everyone manage all their photos and videos from one place with ease, regardless of their location in the cloud or in a social network – this service supports Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

With YoVivo! users have the ability to download and upload photos from their favorite cloud services and/or social networks, share them across multiple networks, create polished slideshows, and even encrypt them, for maximum privacy from the comfort of a smartphone.

YoVivo! comes with a full-featured slideshow creator, where users can create polished presentations of their pictures on the fly. The creator lets users edit images, apply filters, add text, emoji and set slideshows to their favorite music track. Sharing is also very easy, and can be done directly with friends or openly on the YoVivo! platform.

At the moment, this app is solely available for iOS on the Apple Store, but the Android version is on the works, now being on the beta testing phase. Another novelty to come soon is the service’s very own cloud service, YoVivo! Drive, designed to work seamlessly with the app.

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