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Essential Features to look for in a Test Case Management Tool

What are test case management tools? They are testers’ best friends that help them track, record, organize, and manage software testing processes. Mostly, they are used to monitor and speed up manual testing, but they are also used for automation testing.

There are several testing tools available in the market that claim in-depth quality assurance of your product. But how many stay true to their claim is the real question. Because each tool has a different set of features to offer but what matters is their relevance with the trending QA practices required for your product’s software testing.

A good test management tool has many beneficial features to offer which include an improved overall testing process, reduced time & effort constraints, and faster product delivery. In particular, these tools assure the unique testing of every test case and deliver results accordingly not missing a detail.

Moreover, these test management tools help in the smooth automation testing of a product reducing total costs with greater ROI.

Majorly, these are the particular ways a test management tool supports a test project workflow:

  • These tools provide a bigger picture of software being tested which helps the entire testing process to head in the right direction for smoother test execution.
  • Back-end support, team collaboration, communication, and rich data analysis help in the right and timely modification in the testing process if required.
  • Back-end support, team collaboration, communication, and rich data analysis help in the right and timely change requests in the testing process.
  • These test management tools assign and track tasks, identify defects, and deliver the results of every test release.
  • These tools perform every software testing life cycle step in one application which saves a lot of time and makes the process simpler.

Therefore, it is important to cross-check if the tool you are looking for has the features that benefit the software development project in the ways mentioned above. Since these tools greatly help in the fine-tuning of your software project and ultimately product.

When you are managing test projects in an agile environment, and assuring that your QA practices go as planned, test management becomes an integral test requirement. Every Automation Testing Company requires project management and relevant tools that make all the efforts worthy and fruitful.

5 Essential Features of Test Case Management Tools

There are numerous test management apps in the market, but you should prioritize your business requirements before selecting a testing tool.

Some are just perfect for your software project but matching the benchmarks becomes a challenge for the test project leads. Therefore, here are 5 essential features that constitute a smart test management app:

1. Integrates with Automation and CI tools

When searching for an appropriate project management tool, look for an app that flexibly integrates with high-profile automation tools like Selenium, Jira, Watir, QAComplete, TestingWhiz, etc. This way, testers can execute and automate test cases smoothly saving time, cost, and effort.

Also, it is very important if a tool collaborates with a Continuous Integration tool like Bamboo, Jenkins, Zephyr, etc. to assure continuous integration and testing of several test cases for improved product delivery.

2. Generates Traceability Reports

If a test management app lets you track the project process and cover each test step and phase to deliver the very important traceability report, it’s the one you are searching for. It should be both comprehensive and detailed so that you get an idea of what test case has been fixed and how much time it took for getting fixed.

3. Helps you define key test Metrics

A very important part of testing is planning insights and keeping them along throughout the SDLC. A worthy test management tool can provide key metrics and allows testers to run tests, generate releases, create pipelines, and decide what strategy is required to solve a particular test case.

4. Supports Reusability

Many companies abandon automation testing because it is costly. But a competent Automation Testing Company, like Kualitatem, formulates better practices to cut costs by reusing the testing resources.

A proficient testing tool supports the integration of reusable and modular test cases that save money and add productivity to the product simultaneously.

5. Promotes Teamwork

A test management app keeps every team member in touch and promotes collaboration. Due to some privileged roles, harmony remains under control and the environment stays disciplined.

Test management won’t be tough if you find the right tool like Kualitee for your testing activities!

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