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Here Are The Top Performing Altcoins For 2019

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in circulation right now, ranging from the well known through to the completely unknown. Over the past few years, there has been no escaping the rise of Bitcoin and its growing acceptance with the general public as well as business across the world. This is blatantly evident when seeing how common it is for people to now have a Luno Bitcoin wallet, for example, which can be used to manage funds and make purchases anywhere in the world.

However, there are many other altcoins which are performing relatively well, and/or have the potential for massive growth. So we have taken the liberty of highlighting some crypto coins that everyone should seriously consider.


Ethereum is comfortably Bitcoin’s biggest and most famous rival, arriving on the scene back in 2015. This was designed to be capable of more than a typical cryptocurrency, with its smart contract technology helping to establish it within the mainstream crypto market. Ethereum’s speed when it comes to transactions is another huge draw, and why many prefer it to Bitcoin.


Ripple is the cryptocurrency which has made third place in the market its own, a very respectable position behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Rather than targeting individuals like most cryptocurrencies on the market, Ripple looks to work with large institutions, and this is their unique selling point. There are already partnerships in place between this currency and financial organisations, which proves its popularity. But its lack of desire for decentralisation has put some people off.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash arrived on the scene in 2017, and in many ways, it is a lite version of it’s older and more experienced brother Bitcoin. Roger Ver, a key figure in the cryptocurrency scene is a big proponent of Bitcoin Cash and has often described BCH as the “real Bitcoin”, which hasn’t gone down too well with certain people. As well as being cheaper to buy than Bitcoin, the Cash version is also faster when it comes to transactions, and this has helped it to perform admirably so far in the current market.


Stellar’s main aim is to provide its users with the ability to make quick and cheap cross-border payments. While some companies in the online payment world may charge a 5% transaction fee, this cryptocurrency looks to complete them for a nominal amount, with each process taking just five seconds to complete. Unlike Bitcoin, Stellar doesn’t employ the proof of work technique, and this is what allows lightning-fast speeds to be possible. So far, Stellar has secured partnerships with large scale tech companies such as IBM, and therefore the potential for growth is massive.


This crypto coin, founded in 2011, is what many consider to be the genuine alternative to Bitcoin. Currently, Litecoin holds a top ten market cap with over three billion dollars in value. It took everything beneficial from Bitcoin as well as how the world’s leading cryptocurrency worked; and added their unique touches. Litecoin also makes use of improved technology too, which again sees this altcoin complete transactions much faster than its bigger cousin. Plus it has a much larger total supply too, by a considerable distance, which gives it an advantage. At one time, there was a belief that Litecoin could go on to rival both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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