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Top 7 Ways to Protect Your Company From Theft

As a business owner, there are a lot of things that you need to be aware of, and your company’s safety is one of them. It is very important that you take the necessary safety precautions to protect your company from theft. There are new technologies and methods regarding the safety of companies, which have made it easier than ever to protect your team and your facilities. Attempted theft may not be avoidable, but the success of an attempt is dependent on the precautionary measures in place. Luckily, there are simple and cost-efficient ways to protect your company. Here are the top 7 ways to protect your company from theft.

1. Security Devices

If your company transports products or runs a retail location, a security system is one of the best ways to protect that space and your company. Security devices can be placed on the products sold in retail locations to monitor the staff when a product is discreetly leaving the store. A security system such as good fleet tracking software can track your vehicles if they are stolen.

2. Video Surveillance

Security cameras are a great way to always monitor your company spaces. Even when employees are present, capturing an incident on video will be valuable to a law enforcement officer down the road. A video surveillance system can be used at retail locations, warehouses, and office buildings. These are an excellent way to keep an eye on your property even when you are out of the office.

3. Educational Resources

Theft prevention should be a module during new-hire training. It is important that your team members are thoroughly educated and can recognize theft when it is happening. Your employees are essentially the eyes and ears of the company, so ensuring that they are informed, and comfortable defusing theft is very important.

4. Good Lighting

Lighting is an integral part of your company’s safety system. Many burglaries take place when your facilities are dark and empty. The better the lighting, the better your video surveillance cams will register an event taking place. Additionally, well-lit spaces are easier to maintain during operational hours. If an employee is monitoring a dimly lit space, theft may be overlooked.

5. Anti-Theft Signage

Signage is a simple way to deter thieves. Many thieves are filled with nerves before they commit the crime, so seeing something as simple as a “shoplifting is illegal” sign might be enough to deter them. A common form of signage is a “you are on video” sign. This makes everyone in your facility aware that their actions are being recorded by video surveillance. Signage that states the consequences of shoplifting is also a great way to deter thieves.

6. Security Team

Training current employees is an efficient way to protect your business but organizing an official security team can take your security levels one step higher. Employees can be trained to identify and stop theft, but this is an additional role tacked onto their existing job responsibilities. If you hire and assign team members who concentrate on security, they will not have the distractions associated with other job roles. Their role is to protect your company from theft.

7. Inventory Monitoring System

There are a variety of systems that can keep track of your inventory and stock to prevent human error and identify theft. Not only is it very difficult with a lot of stock to have the numbers maintained by employees alone, but it leaves room for error. Keeping track of your inventory through software is an efficient way to reduce the chances of shoplifting at your business.

Theft is something that companies need to be aware of, and ultimately protect themselves from. The best way to prevent theft is through precautionary measures. It is not wise to wait until you experience theft to put safety measures in place. Being proactive is a great tool to ensure the safety of your team and business.

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