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How to Edit a PDF File Easy as Pie

If you’re like the majority of individuals, you probably discovered that your PDF file included mistakes just before you sent it to other people, and you need to make the necessary corrections as soon as possible.

In this particular scenario, what if you were able to skip using the document conversion and instead make use of a free PDF editor?

One such PDF editor that enables you to edit PDFs in a quick and straightforward manner is called UPDF. You will learn how to edit a PDF file using the program UPDF by reading the following article.

Robust Editing Features of UPDF

If you need to edit PDF or make changes to your PDFs in any way, whether it’s the font, size, text, photographs, pages, or anything else, UPDF can handle it without a hitch. UPDF’s editing features are outlined below.

  • UPDF’s primary function is to allow you to modify the text of your PDF file. It’s easy to make changes, such as adding or removing text, without messing up the existing text’s formatting. Additions to the text will keep the same style as the original.
  • UPDF is one of the few PDF editors that enables you to edit embedded pictures. Cropping, rotating, adding, replacing, and deleting photos from a document are all possible using the image editor.
  • It’s crucial to have the option to add or remove hyperlinks since they are an integral part of any research paper or report. Any hyperlinks in a PDF may be edited or removed using UPDF.
  • Whether you want to keep your PDF files private and secure or not, you should always include a watermark. You have the option of using the company logo or creating your own unique watermark.
  • You can edit the PDF’s background color or delete it entirely using UPDF. It’s up to you to decide whether the background is an image or a solid color. UPDF makes inserting a background into PDF files a breeze.
  • To include a header and footer in your PDF, you’ll need a high-quality PDF editor that has these features. UPDF is the best program for this task, in my opinion. In most PDF editors, the editing functionality is only accessible in the more costly premium subscriptions.

How to Edit a PDF with UPDF

UPDF is an affordable and nearly free PDF editor with basic editing capabilities that is well worth a look. It’s quick, contains a number of useful features, and is very user-friendly, making PDF editing a breeze.

If you’d like to make changes to your PDF, you may do so by following the instructions below.

  1. First, get UPDF started by opening the file you want to convert.
  2. To edit, just choose the “Edit” item on the menu from the navigation bar.
  3. You can begin editing by double-clicking the text you want to edit.
  4. After that, if you need to make any changes to the photos in the PDF, you can simply right-click the image and choose to make the necessary adjustments (such as removing, cropping, rotating, replacing, or extracting the image).
  5. Click “File” then “Save” to save the updated PDF when you’re done changing it.

More Features of UPDF

The following are some of the additional features of UPDF:

Advanced OCR Feature

One of the other features is the ability to transform scanned or image-based PDF documents into searchable or editable files. The optical character recognition feature can recognize 208 unique languages.

UPDF’s use of OCR technology produces accurate results and includes support for 38 language variants. Amazingly, you can use the program to transform your scanned PDFs, physical documents, and photographs into searchable and editable PDFs.

Accurate PDF Conversion

UPDF is, without a question, the most well-liked PDF converter among its users. PDFs may be converted to just about any other file type with this tool.

Documents may be saved in a variety of formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPEG, HTML, XML, RTF, PDF/A, and plain text.

The findings of this initiative should not be called into question since there is no basis for such a suspicion.

The built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) module system meticulously traces the text, enabling pin-point accuracy unmatched by rival software.

Powerful PDF Annotation Feature

If you’re using UPDF, you can rest easy knowing that your file will display accurately regardless of any challenging text that may be there. It provides the capability to annotate PDF files with extreme accuracy.

You may jump to the forefront of the topic by underlining the important content. You can also use the strikethrough function to emphasize certain words or phrases.

Inserting sticky note boxes into your document allows you to permanently save the information you deem crucial or vital. They provide you with access to more data.

Pros of UPDF

  • UPDF works on a wide range of platforms, including Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android.
  • You won’t find a better editing experience anywhere else than what UPDF provides.
  • Your output will increase, allowing you to finish the job more rapidly.
  • UPDF’s user interface is straightforward and simple to use. If you have never used a PDF editor before, you won’t have any problems with this one.
  • UPDF is the only PDF creator on the market that does not need a membership to access the minimum necessary functionalities.


We have progressed to the point where the UPDF editor is now equipped to handle any problems that you may be experiencing with the files or documents that you are working on.

It will completely satisfy all of your editing needs in its entirety. The only piece of software you will need in order to view, change, or rearrange the contents of a PDF file is a reader that is compatible with the UPDF standard.

Before it is too late, now is the time to make the investment in a high-quality PDF editor such as UPDF. It also offers 40% off this Black Friday. You can still avail of this offer. Visit the UPDF official website to get the discount now.

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