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What are the Best Ways to Market Yourself as a Contractor?

In the past, general contractors garnered repeat custom by building up a solid reputation and developing relationships with others in the industry, such as architects and property developers. This form of networking is still achievable, but there are also numerous other ways to drive attention and traffic to your business in the modern world. Although it is predominantly an offline industry, contractors still need to make use of the internet as a vital way to market themselves. It is also crucial to make sure your paperwork and credentials are in order as a further way to foster trust in potential clients.

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Build a Website

In the past, one of the main forms of advertisement for contractors was the logo and information printed on the side of a van, along with an advertisement in the local newspaper. These avenues are still useful, but the best option nowadays is to build a website for all of your information to live on. This can then be shared via social media and has a much better chance of reaching people. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have become the number one place for advertising, thanks to the fact that Americans spend an average of 23.6 hours online each week. Anyone can make websites easily using tools like WordPress. and Wix – with these sites often ensuring that you could design a site and get it up and running within the space of an hour.

Make Sure Your Paperwork is Solid

On your website, you can showcase recommendations from past clients who have appreciated your work, along with various photos of the jobs that you do. In addition to this, it is crucial to show that you have all your paperwork in full view, just as a doctor would hang their degree on the wall in their surgery. You can put your contractor qualifications here, along with proof that you have the right contractors insurance. By using Next Insurance, contractors are able to show a certificate to their customers which details everything they are covered for, for customer peace-of-mind.

Go Green

One of the best ways to market yourself now and stand out from the competition is to make people aware that you use environmentally friendly methods. There is a growing concern for the planet among consumers, and in 2015 it was found that 87 percent of women and 78 percent of men in the USA planned to look for more opportunities to be environmentally friendly. These figures are on the rise, and people are seeking green companies in every industry. If you can show that you have changed your practices to fit with this new necessity of going green, you could find yourself and your business becomes much more marketable.

Many contractors may feel that, because their work exists in the physical world, there is no need to have an online presence. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and a website that utilizes all the right tools information is by far the best way for contractors to market themselves in 2019.

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