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5 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing Recruitment & Staffing

It was commonly believed that technology would take over recruiters’ jobs and the overall recruitment process would become robotic.

But modern day hiring processes are proof that rather than being the controller, technology is the supporter that every recruiter needs by their side.

Recruitment technology has automated the work of hiring teams, making the talent acquisition process much faster and more efficient.

According to a survey, 88% of recruiters admitted that technology has streamlined its recruiting process by sourcing higher-quality candidates and bringing down cost-per-hire. 75% of them are satisfied with the recruitment software they use.

So it’s clear that technology has profoundly impacted the recruitment and staffing industry and will continue to do so. Let’s find out how!

  • Automated Resume Screening Can Race Bullet Train

You can’t deny just how quick the process of resume parsing has become now!

Decades ago, resume screening used to be the most dreaded part of recruiting, with recruiters manually sifting through piles of CVs almost the whole day (or days!).

But with the advent of automated resume screening software, this task has become much quicker.

An applicant tracking system with a powerful resume parsing engine uses pre-set algorithm to scan bulk resumes and identify key qualifications, such as education and experience, that match the requirements of a particular job in just a few clicks.

Along with parsing profiles, an ATS keeps storing all candidate information in its database to build a talent pipeline for future use.

  • Video Interviewing Cuts Down Time and Hassle

Applicants often undergo multiple screening processes, but isn’t it time-consuming?

Thanks to candidate management systems, you can save time on candidate evaluation without compromising the quality of your hires.

These days, companies often look for hiring platforms with integrated video-interviewing tools as it allows them to access candidates on the web without installing a new application.

These tools allow recruiters to schedule interviews that fit the calendar of every attendee, making it much more efficient and hassle-free.

In video interviews, an ATS ranks candidates based on their performance, body language, and expressions, bringing out more quality results than chat-based screening. These “pre” interviews can be shared with multiple decision-makers to review them for the best result.

  • Enhanced Candidate Experience Like Never Before!

Technology has undoubtedly enhanced candidates’ experience by engaging them throughout their hiring lifecycle.

Most importantly, it has given the power of decision-making to the candidate’s hand for most resources, like interview scheduling, so they feel more “in charge” of the process.

Remember that proactive candidates will never reveal how many positions they are simultaneously applying for. Either way, you won’t love losing such candidates to your competitors just because you need to catch up to their speed.

Thankfully, your recruiting software can come in handy in such cases.

Further, recruiters can use AI tools like Chatbots to integrate with any popular messaging platform like WhatsApp, Telegram, or SMS. These bots are available to solve the queries of candidates 24/7.

It makes the candidate feel more involved in the hiring process and enables recruiters to enjoy automation and do more in less time. Hence, it is like a win-win situation for both parties.

Implementing ATS for communication, such as sending important emails, reminders for upcoming interviews, etc., enhances recruitment workflow and candidate experience.

  • Automated Recruiting Process

With recent unprecedented economic activities, businesses that had started adopting remote work models saw significant results. Left without a choice, recruiters also had to adapt to hiring candidates from remote locations.

Fortunately, recruitment technology proves to be a knight in shining armor during this time.

Using AI-proctored recruitment software, recruiters could streamline the recruitment process from sourcing to onboarding candidates. And you can do the same now as well!

Here is how an Applicant Tracking System helps recruiters:

  • Job Awareness: Using ATS, recruiters need to write the job advertisement only once, and recruitment software automatically translates and publishes it according to different job boards’ formats. It saves time and helps recruiters reach out on multiple channels in just a few clicks.
  • Sourcing: ATS screens the resumes based on specific keywords and shortlists the best candidate’s profile.
  • For Tracking & Managing Applicants: Recruitment Software like the Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) system stores the information submitted by the candidate in its database that helps recruiters to access the data whenever required. Screening questions, online assignments, interviews, analysis, etc., can be done quickly using ATS.
  • Hiring: AI can automate everything from background checks to offer letter distribution to the shortlisted candidate. (Better start leveraging it now)
  • Predictive Analytics for Better Hiring Decisions

A significant benefit of leveraging technology in recruitment is relying on data to hire candidates instead of intuitions.

An ATS can use predictive analytics to measure an applicant’s performance if hired. As a result, it helps recruiters make better hiring decisions and increases the company’s overall productivity.

It also stores data on candidates who have been interviewed and those who were hired for a particular position, which helps recruiters build a talent pipeline for future open positions.

Recruiters can look for the overall analysis drawn by recruitment tracking software to get valuable information and insight into their hiring workflow.

They can track their ROI and KPIs for better performance in the following hiring cycle. It increases the company’s productivity and motivates the hiring team to recruit better.


Artificial Intelligence is constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of recruiters. Therefore, one can expect more sophisticated recruitment solutions in the future, and most of the tasks will be done by AI. Hence, your priority should be to keep learning new opportunities and adapting accordingly.

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