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Best apps for time management

Time is gold, and any time wasted is wealth lost. This is especially true in the workplace where every worker is paid by the hour. Workers who have mastered the difficult art of time management tend to be the same people who easily climb up the corporate ladder, signifying a correlation between efficiency and success. As employers, the success of the business wholly depends on their workforce. Every minute spent working is one step towards the ultimate goal. And in this day of mobile computing, there are a plethora of apps that can realize that very aspiration.

The huge success of apps is due to the high amount of dependency of new age phone users to their gadgets. Because of this, some time is wasted on checking the smartphones for social networking or gaming. However, these gadgets can also serve as the polar opposite – increasing productivity.

Time management

Here are some of the best time-management apps for employees which managers can introduce for a much more efficient work period.




This app removes the banal task of signing individual papers, reproducing it on the printer, or faxing it over. Signeasy allows anyone to sign any important document with a legitimately accepted digital signature. Setting it up is pretty simple for companies, but if executives of businesses can actually pay for setting up services like Signeasy. TradiePad from Australia are one company that is now offering that service.


Smart Time


Scheduling is the core principle of time management. Several time management apps are available for free on the internet, but we found that Smart Time is among the best. Smart Time seamlessly combines productivity features and the features of the phone. For example, users can collaborate on tasks through the connectivity function of most Apple devices.


Read It Later (also known as Pocket)


This app lets anyone trim and store anything users chance on the internet for later viewing. According to in a study they conducted in 2012, 64% of employees visit websites that are unrelated to work on a daily basis. Almost 40% of those people spent at least an hour per week wasting these work times, and 21% waste three hours per week.

By introducing this application to employees, spending time reading while at work is minimized since they can easily retrieve these items later at home. This is also a great tool for research on-the-go.


Checklist Wrangler


Some people wholly depend on checklists to maintain a regular schedule. Keeping track of the tasks for the day is a great way to gauge the time and minimize lost hours. This app is among the best creators of electronic checklists. It can track the time you spend doing each one, and it can organize your lists into categories.


These are just a few of the most useful applications for workers and employers alike. Less time wasted during work hours is more productivity for any company, which is a win-win situation for anyone involved in the business. What are your favorite time management apps? Tell us in the comments section.


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