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What is IQ and How Much Does it Matter?

IQ is used as a short form of Intelligence Quotient. Intelligence quotient refers to one’s intelligence level measured through certain tests. 

When we think, What is IQ? We usually think IQ is between 60 to 200. Well, yes IQ has a range of 60 to 200 but is divided into parts. IQ gives you an idea of how intelligent a person is. 

But, there is a contrast to this, we always think how much does it matter? IQ tests have certain criteria on which they work and test you. It’s not necessary to have success with a good IQ score.

IQ (Intelligence Quotient)

IQ is your intelligence score, which gives you an idea of how you will react and act to certain things in a particular situation. IQ is usually tested by some tests we can opt for offline or online. 

There are several options we can check or measure our IQ level. Have you checked your IQ yet? If not, check your IQ here on You can then measure under which category you come from and how much you score.

IQ Depends on Several Factors Like

1.  Age

Age plays a vital role in IQ level. As we all know, a kid starts learning from age of 3-4 for the rest of his/her life. Similarly, the IQ of a child increases with time and knowledge till he/she passes his/her college and starts earning. 

The mind learns and keeps learning and exploring until a certain age. After this, it gets stable for a very short span and then starts decreasing. IQ varies exactly similar to this. 

2.  Gender

It is noticed that men have higher IQ compared to women of the same age and same education. But, this is a general finding and statement. This need not be true every time. Girls can have more IQs than boys.

3.  Country

One of the factors also includes which country or region you live in. This is actually not related to nationality. But, is related more to the education, standard of living, and general IQ people surrounding a person.

4.  Time

It has been observed that the general IQ of people has increased in the last few decades. This can also be stated as the level of education and self-awareness has increased in the last few decades. People now are having maximum exposure to any knowledge at their fingertips which was not possible earlier.

How Much Does it Matter?

Now, after checking the IQ score from an IQ test, what’s next? What to do now? How much does it matter? Well, it matters how and to what extent the test has been taken.

Usually, maximum tests include maths, reasoning, statistical, language, general knowledge questions. But, the other equally important form of intelligence needs to be calculated. 

These include emotional intelligence, spatial or recognition intelligence, confidence and fear analysis, ability to take the load and think calmly under pressure are few things that are equally important and need to be addressed.

So, you might be thinking, Is IQ a waste then? No, it’s not. IQ score gives you an idea of how a person, child, will behave and perform the necessary tasks needed in school or college, or job.


We all are introduced to the word IQ and we all want a good IQ score. When we think about our ideals like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Albert Einstein they all have high IQ levels. 

This IQ helps them study, research, and think outside of the box. So, the question: how much does it matter? Is relevant and resolved here. This extraordinary thought process and their ability to use the intelligence the right way at the right place, made them so big. We all want to have good scores and lead the way like them. 

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