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5 Ways to Boost Motivation At Workplace


The harder you work, the luckier you get. (Gary Player).

I would slightly disagree with this beautiful quote. Hard work alone is not a sole ingredient for success for both employees and employers. Motivation is something we all want to have.  It is indispensable to motivate employees to work hard in order to help your business grow because happy workers are productive workers.  It is a common notion that it takes two to tango. It is both the employer and employee who should work together to make work fun and productive respectively.  Here are five ways you can do to help motivate you employees for better output.

Trust Your Employees

Rely on their knowledge; let them know you trust their decisions. If you don’t want to be disappointed, give them a voice, listen to their ideas and consider their implementation.  Remember your employees are the key assets and they are there to help you grow your business.  Employees do what is best for the organization when they feel trusted and empowered. Giving your employees confidence is the most important thing one can do as a leader because then they will act and perform beyond expectations.

Offer Career Advancement

Employees tend to suffocate when their role becomes stagnant or repetitive. Nobody wants to remain in the same position forever.  Every employee must get an equal opportunity to climb the career ladder. To motivate your employees to work harder, offer opportunities for advancement and improvement. You can motivate your employees by providing career advancement training. Introduce grooming courses for fresh graduates to build company’s reputation as a great place to work. For example, airG, a pioneer in the mobile software industry, conducted an in-house training program that resulted in a 20% increase in productivity as per their HR resources and reviews on several forums show that they have improve productivity level. You can also invest in your employees by offering to sign them up for higher education courses, you can have them choose among online degrees California for a program that best suits them. This way, you’ll also invest in your company’s future through its leaders.

Recognize and Promote High Performers

Recognition is another way of motivation. A pat on the back, some words of appreciation can motivate employees instantly. Acknowledge your employees in front of peers for accomplishments achieved by them. Acknowledge excellent performer by sending a personal note or stop by employee’s desk to have a cup of coffee or celebrate the achievement with a cake or donuts. Recognition leads to enhanced loyalty and improved employee motivation and retention. To recognize the employees, Marriot Hotel recently observed Associate Appreciation Week. The department heads served all the associates with handmade burgers, fries and drinks. It was a useful motivation exercise that bridged the gap.

Offer Unconventional Incentives

The incentive in any form is a motivation booster. Incentives help employees more to strive for, than a mere paycheck. Bonuses and cash rewards are always welcome but introducing incentives like work from home, flexible working hours, movie tickets, travel perks, free meal vouchers, and gift coupons are the best current day incentives to increase employee productivity. For example, Standard Chartered and various other banks organize international conventions for their employees to visit different countries as a reward for achieving sales targets.

Be an example for your employees


As a leader, you have a responsibility towards your employees. They seek for your guidance and directions. Being a leader, you act as a source of strength and support for your employees, and you want to create a culture that inspires and motivates your employees. It is your biggest responsibility to lead your staff for you own actions and set an example to create ways that vigorously work towards the culture you are striving. For example, as a leader, if you work hard and stay positive in every situation, even when you are facing massive challenges, your employees will also act just the way you are working and handling the situation. Exemplify what and how you want your employees to be. To build a driven and passionate team, you need to set an example of positivity, encouragement, and understanding. Your employees will mirror you, and the entire work environment will become more motivating.

It is the small things that make a big difference. Implementing these five ways can be a significant step in keeping your employees happy and productive. Know your employees, create a fun and stimulating environment, communicate with them, care about them like you care about your family, provide them adequate resources to do their job and soon you will realize not only will they work hard for you, but will find ways to be more productive for your organization.

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