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8 Creative Ways to Market Your Storefront

Having a unique and inviting storefront is one of the key elements in a successful business. You must keep it simple, focusing on the main idea of your store, while also expressing the variety it holds.

Hiring an interior designer to help you with this task is one great idea, but many small business owners do not have the money to do so. So how do you design the ideal storefront with no experience? Keep reading for eight easy and fun ways you can create an eye-catching display for your customers.

8 Creative Ways to Market Your Storefront

First impressions go a very long way. Without that initial attraction, your store will not get the foot traffic it needs. Even if your products are phenomenal, a bad storefront has a major impact on how many people choose to even enter your store.

1. Neon Signs

Most successful stores and restaurants have some sort of neon sign hanging on their door. The reason for this is simple – it enhances the visibility of your store. Neon signs are such a popular way to initially draw in customers due to its visually pleasing effects. Check out London Sign Maker for the latest styles of neon signs for your store.

2. Display your top products

This is a very important tip to keep in mind. When you are walking through the mall and come across a new store, you are only going to go inside if the products look intriguing. In your storefront display, you will only have room to show off a few of your products. So you have to choose wisely. This is what will grab the consumers’ attention and get them excited to enter your store.

3. Stick to your brand

Another extremely important thing to remember while designing your storefront is sticking with your brand. The last thing you want is to show consumers a false idea of what your store and products are all about.

So always remember what your company represents and never lose sight of your brand!

4. Have a distinctive design

Just like we talked about sticking with your brand, having a distinctive design that sets you apart can make or break the success of your business. There are too many stores on the market to be safe and boring. You must be inventive and think outside the box if you want to truly leave a mark and have an impact on the marketplace.

5. Change your display routinely

Have you ever noticed that the most successful stores are always changing up their display? This is because a new display keeps consumers interested in your store, which is what keeps them coming back.

If seasons are changing, so should your storefront. If you are having a sale, make sure it is clear to passer-bys. And most importantly, when you have new products in your store, show them off!

6. Keep it simple

Minimalism is in. Don’t go overboard and try to cram too many things in your storefront. It will overwhelm consumers and make them less interested in what your store has to offer.

You can easily catch a buyers attention by having a simple but elegant display. This way, your store holds a bit of mystery and consumers are more curious to check it out.

7. Incorporate plants

Adding some simple plants to your display is an awesome way to spice it up without creating a tacky presentation. Everyone loves the look of a beautiful bouquet of flowers or some funky cacti. Especially in the summer and spring, consumers will be more drawn to colorful and lively storefronts.

8. Choose the right glass

Investing in the right glass plays another large role in your stores image. The last thing you want is a dusty, dirty window that puts a damper on your beautiful display.

Picking glass might not seem like a crucial component but there are several different thicknesses and overall styles to choose from. In general, the cleaner and more open your glass is, the more flexibility you will have with your display. You can even put a signature touch on your glass by getting it engraved or decorated specifically for your brand.

9. Add fun lights

Having some nicely lit, fun lights bordering your display is always a plus. Let’s be honest, what doesn’t go well with fun lights? So if you are ever feeling like your display is a bit bland, lights are an extremely easy and promising way to enhance it.

10. Add moving objects

Just like the lights, moving objects are a cool way to give your display a little extra oomf. Especially if you are looking to add a festive touch on a holiday. It is such a fun way to liven up your storefront and set it apart from other stores.

However, if you do decide to add moving parts, make sure they do not distract from your products and overall brand.


At the end of the day, you are not going to have the perfect storefront your first go around. Being a store owner is like an ongoing experiment – it takes a lot of time and consideration to find the perfect balance. You will need to adjust your design depending on how customers react to it, new products being brought it, and seasonal changes.

Even though this process might sound overwhelming at times, designing your storefront is such an exciting way to showcase your brand to the world. You can use your creativity to get consumers excited for what is in store. So keep these eight tips in mind while designing your storefront and never forget what your brand is all about.

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