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The Rise Of Vaping Industry In The US

Ever Since it came into the limelight, vaping has attracted both the young and old. Compared to other nicotine delivery systems, vapes seem to have countless benefits, including having a wide array of flavors for vapers to choose from.

Vaping is on the rise in the US, mostly because of its appealing features. E-liquids are equally a center of attention, and vapers are always on the top manufacturers’ lookout.

Vaping Among Young Generation

In the US, vaping among students has been embraced as a norm. It’s mostly popular among college students of legal vaping age, torn between nicotine and other herbs.

As a result, they are exposed to an ever-growing curiosity towards vaping. The vape industry keeps introducing the newest products and flavors and they wouldn’t want to be left behind. In 2018, nicotine gained massive popularity as the most preferred substance for vaping devices such as e-cigs.

Most of the college students of legal vaping age have been noted to vape just for the flavoring craze. Additionally, there has been an upsurge of the same, in not just one state but several states in America.

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Use of Vape On The Rise

Vape products have piqued the curiosity of millions of people worldwide. As a result, most individuals are reported to spend so much on vape products. The introduction of different flavors and devices into the market has attracted mixed reactions.

Admittedly, flavored e-liquids are not something you’d want to miss out on. Manufacturers in the US are on the verge of discovering new flavors and expanding the vaping market.

The biggest beneficiaries of this growing trend are- France, the US, and the UK, with the US taking the lead. They were estimated to have spent about $10bn in 2018 on vaping products and related stuff.

Top Vaping Devices

The US has taken vaping to a whole new level by introducing various vaping devices, including:

  • E-cigarettes. They are better known as e-cigs and are considered the ideal device for vapers on the entry-level. It is lightweight and can be of great help to vapers trying to get familiar with the basics.
  • Vape Pen. Of all the vape devices, vape pens seem to be the most popular and are used widely due to their simple yet advanced features.
  • Vape pods. They hit the market only recently but hold a promising future for current and incoming vapers. You can fill them up with seven different unique e liquids and they run on battery.
  • Vape mods. These devices are for the advanced vapers who are in search of unique vaping experiences. Vape mods come with settings such as temperature, voltage, and even wattage. Frequent usage makes the learning process faster and more fun too.

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In-store Versus Online

The rise of vaping in the US has also led to the rise of in-store purchases of vape products. Vapers prefer to have a first-hand experience of their favorite flavors and vape devices.

Additionally, they prefer the in-store kind of purchase because vapers get all the info and advice they need. Buying vape devices and products is no mean feat and requires all the effort and knowledge one can muster.

On the other hand, shopping online is considered a gamble among vapers. As modern as it is, it has its fair share of challenges. For instance, as a long-time vaper, you may purchase something that does not suit your taste buds.

However, online shopping has its own share of advantages as well. You can easily order anything from the comfort of your home. Also, companies give better discounts on online shopping.

Influence By Friends And Family

The power of influence mostly works on young people in the US. The majority of them come from households where vaping is not something out of the ordinary. According to a survey carried out by the National Youth Tobacco Survey, young individuals are exposed to e-cigarettes due to friends and family’s influence.

Flavors are yet another factor that attracts the attention of young people in America.

Chocolate, fruit, candy, and mint flavors, have taken over the spotlight due to their delicious scents. They are also on high demand due to their nature which is described to be less harmful than other strong counterparts.

One reason that most millennials resonate with is that famous and influential figures on the big screen use vapes too. The youngsters follow suit because the public figures in question make vaping seem like a fun and harmless activity.

The Vaping Fraternity

Vape manufacturers target specific groups of people to sell their products to. They include:

  • 33% of adults are reported to be vape fanatics as they aim to go slow on the whole vaping experience.
  • 10% of people as young as 11-18 have also been reported to have given vaping a try at least once in their lifetime.

The overall report on vaping is that it’s less harmful when the rules are observed. Top on the list is to consult your physician before seriously getting attached to vaping.

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Vaping As A Pastime

Vaping seems to be gaining more popularity than traditional nicotine delivery systems. This wild craze has made millions of vapers around the globe so fanatical about it that they just can’t imagine a pastime without a vape device in the mix .

However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) strongly advise against:

  • The use of vape products that contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)
  • Obtaining vaping devices from unregistered and uncertified sources such as friends and family. Others include online stores that are not verified as well as sinister dealers of vape products and devices.
  • Going against the manufacturer’s instructions and original vaping designs. Modifying vape products to suit your vaping needs might only pose a health risk for you.

First-time users and experienced ones alike must adhere to all the regulations stated above to avoid repercussions that might be irreversible. If possible, visit credible sources before consuming the vape products available.

Frequency Of Vaping

Young people who are of legal vaping age in the US are said to vape occasionally while mature adults vape occasionally or regularly. The sharp contrast in the frequency of vaping portrays how much exposure there is in the US.

Thanks to credible sources, the vaping patterns are adequately regulated for safety purposes.

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Final Thoughts

The vaping industry has revolutionized in the US and is not about to stop. From the look of things, there’s still so much for vapers to expect from vape manufacturers.

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