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Published on April 25th, 2019 | by Sumit Bhowal


Download Free Videos with VidPaw from All Social Media Websites

How to download videos from social media websites is not an issue now because there are thousands of downloading software and apps are available to access for free videos. Any type of online video and audio can be accessed through authentic and latest technology software. VidPaw is world‘s famous downloading app that is using to download any type of videos with fast speed. People can easily access to watch videos and audios of any format. VidPaw is a free online video downloader which has great demand almost everywhere in the world. It‘s true that YouTube is top of the online videos website which average daily views of over 100 billion with 1 billion YouTube channels are working. YouTube daily traffic has tremendously increased in the past decade and this ratio is still increasing day by day.


How to Get Free Access to Download Videos from YouTube

People from around the world are uploading and downloading millions of online videos to watch personally after downloading. Now downloading has become very easy and convenient for every user by following some useful tips and tricks with VidPaw software. YouTube is the best video streaming and video sharing website in the whole world. People from all over the world are uploading and downloading millions of videos every day. All the members of YouTube can download any type of videos in a very short time. Business point of view, YouTube has gained much popularity to market any type of ideas through effective business campaigns. Everyone can create online channels and upload videos/audios with free of cost. People can subscribe to the video channels to receive future updates and can embed any video on any other websites/blogs. Any YouTube can be shared on Facebook and other social media networks.

Directly Download YouTube Videos Options

People can easily interact with YouTube videos by showing likes or dislikes or leaving comments as well as download YouTube videos for offline watch. This point should be noted that, there is no way to directly download any video/audio from YouTube without using proper downloading software‘s or extensions. There is no “Download” button on YouTube which allows users to directly download anything. Videos, Audios, and Subtitles can be downloaded with this software. VidPaw is one of the authentic YouTube video downloader which enables users to get free access to downloading any type of videos in your favorite formats.

What is the Process to Download VidPaw Videos?

The process is simple and easy even for every level of user. The entire process is smooth and hassle-free which helps users to use the software without getting login/password access. VidPaw supports many video formats. Follow here some useful guidelines to use VidPaw software and extensions to save videos in any type of storage devices:

Step 1. Copy your favorite video URL from YouTube or from any social media website.

Step 2. Open and Paste video URL link. Click/press “Download”.

Step 3. Select your favorite video format and choose video quality.

Step 4. Click “Download” to save the selected video in your desired location.

Use VidPaw to Download YouTube Videos

Use VidPaw to Download YouTube Videos

How to Use VidPaw Extension Service

  • The installation process is much simple and easy to use in your favorite browser like Chrome.
  • Search VidPaw Extension from your browser or from Google search engine.
  • Click the link to get immediate access to install the VidPaw ‘extension’
  • Click on “Install”, after clicking the Installation link, the extension will now be successfully installed in your browser.
  • Refresh your landing page and you will now see the VidPaw icon below the video you want to download.
  • Now click to download your videos in your storage devices.


Hoping that, the easy downloading process of VidPaw software enables you to get immediate access to get free online videos/audios in any formats. VidPaw Software is compatible with all browsers and storage devices to directly save videos from thousands of websites.

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