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Published on August 3rd, 2020 | by Sumit Bhowal


PCB prototypes for $2 in JLCPCB

For a long time we have carried out our tests on breadboards, I consider that we already have a large number of tests that deserve a prototype for more robust applications, of decided to resume electronic design and I have found JLCPCB that provide a PCB manufacturing service at a price that very reasonable.


Based on some applications with esp8266, I have designed the ESPMonitor Rev1 to facilitate long-term testing and mounting, since I don’t have the time, skills and quality. I have decided to make my design and send it to JLCPCB to manufacture my pcb.

In this case I will not teach you how to make a prototype… we will make 5 for 2 dollars !!! in 3 steps.

A little more about JLCPCB

JiaLiChuang (HongKong) Co., Limited, is the largest PCB prototyping company in China and a high-tech manufacturer specialized in fast PCB prototyping and small batch PCB production, excellent for our projects.

With more than 10 years of PCB manufacturing experience, JLCPCB has more than 200,000 customers in China and abroad, with more than 8,000 online PCB prototyping orders and small quantity PCB production per day. The annual production capacity is 200,000 sq.m. for multiple 1-layer, 2-layer or multilayer PCBs. JLC is a professional PCB manufacturer with large-scale equipment, well equipment, strict management, and superior quality.

How to make 5 prototypes in one go

Only in 3 steps:

1. The design

At some point we have created a schematic diagram in some of the available software Altium, Eagle, KiCAD, Ares (Proteus), Diptrace, PCBWizard, OrCAD (PSpice) among others, we can use any of the above, the only requirement is that they allow generating the Gerber file for manufacturing.

2. Generate GERBER File

Gerber is a file format that contains the information needed to manufacture the printed circuit board or PCB. The most common standard today is the RS-274X, although there are other less frequent ones. All the design software mentioned above allow generating this file, there are guides on the network to generate them without problems, in this case I will generate the Gerber file from EasyEDA.

3. Create order for manufacture of JLCPCB PCB. Crazy easy!

  1. Enter
  2. Register
  3. Input the characteristics. You can click
    Characteristics of the PCB’s in my case:
    Layers: 2.
    Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm or less.
    Thickness of the PCB: 1.6, to make it strong.
    Color: Black, gives them character.
    PCB Finish: HASL, solder bath finish that covers copper and prevents its oxidation, facilitates soldering.
    Copper Weight: 1 Ounce.
    and so on…
    What’s more: 4 Layer in JLCPCB is also cheaper. Just $5.
    I don’t require any special or additional features on my PCB.
  4. Add to cart.
  5. Add GERBER file
  6. Upload compressed Gerber file to JLCPCB
  7. File uploaded successfully
  8. Let’s visualize how the PCB will end using Gerber Viewer
  9. After uploading the gerber file, the actual dimensions of the PCB will be displayed
  10. Add, view Cart and press secure checkout securely
  11. Delivery and Payment
  12. Fill Complete form with data
  13. Select delivery method, it all depends on the personal urgency for the PCB’s and therefore reflected in the cost of shipping
  14. Select payment method; Credit Cards and Paypal.
  15. Pay
  16. The PCBs arrive


In addition, to test the quality I added details and the silkscreen replicated them without problems.

What’s the conclusion?

5 pcs PCBs for 2 dollars !!!

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