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Apps you need before organising your next event

When you attend an event and end up having the best night of your life, it’s all too easy to look past the huge amount of work that will have been invested both behind the scenes and during the lead-up to the big day.

If you’re an organiser, you’ll know just how tricky it is to put on an event of any size. It could be a large wedding, corporate dinner or open mic night at the local pub – they all require planning that has attention to detail at its core.

Thankfully, we now live in an age full of innovative software developers, many of whom have taken it upon themselves to build apps designed specifically to help with event planning.

In this post, we’ve picked out some of the key apps you’ll need to install before organising your next event. So, grab your smartphone and get ready to hit the app store:

  1. Trello

If you’re a productivity obsessive and revel in the joy of the ‘to-do’, ‘doing’, ‘done’ mentality of completing big projects, you’ll love Trello.

Based on the ‘Kanban’ technique that follows the principal of using a series of boards that illustrate the stage of each to-do item, Trello makes the frenetic build up to any event far more manageable. It’s collaborative, too, so you can invite others to participate and gain some accountability for their tasks.

  1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an app used by event planners and attendees alike and is particularly popular within the live music scene. An enticing profile for your event can be easily created and placed within the Eventbrite universe, enabling people to find and share it via the standard smartphone app.

Entry to your event can even be handled by this app, too, thanks to a ticket scanning feature. And, as those tickets begin to sell, you can watch the sales numbers ratchet up directly within the Eventbrite app itself.

  1. Pinterest

If you need some creative inspiration for your next event, you can do a lot worse than invest time in Pinterest.


The most visual of social networks offers a goldmine of imagery that will help you plan the appearance of your event and also give you ideas for fixtures and fittings, should that be a significant part of the day. You can create ‘boards’ to which you can pin your favourite images, and then call them up whenever needed form the comfort of your smartphone.

  1. Evernote

The logo for Evernote is an elephant for one very good reason – it ensures that you won’t forget anything.


Event planning is all in the detail, and detail is easily lost. Few of us can remember everything without the aid of a notepad and pen, and Evernote is the brilliant digital answer to that rather old fashioned approach to note taking.

Better still, it’ll be accessible on pretty much every device you own, therefore your event ideas and plans will never be more than a finger tap away.

  1. Smartsheet

If you’re fond of spreadsheets but have lost count of how many times you’ve misplaced the most important ones that relate to your events, Smartsheet could be for you.

Think of Smartsheet as a spreadsheet app on steroids thanks in part to its impressive communication and collaboration abilities. There’s a fairly steep learning curve as a result, but the rewards are significant.

  1. Slack

Most events involve more than one person during the build up, which makes good communication an absolutely vital asset. Emails are easily lost and text messages missed, which is why Slack is fast becoming the go-to communication tool for businesses.

It works brilliantly for event planners, too. You can create ‘channels’ for each element of the event and invite everyone involved to chat within an environment that encourages collaboration and the sharing of information.

Wrapping up

While the apps listed in this article won’t prevent every minor mistake from taking place, they will enable you to plan your next event strategically and safe in the knowledge that you’ve left no stone unturned.

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