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Payment Collecting Method Of Mobile App

Modern world has  turned the globe into a digital village. Networking and communication with mobile and web application have become the obvious modes of interaction. Rather than tangible products, innovative applications are recognized by consumers for promotions and marketing.

Excessive use of social media has allowed to approach the mass at one place, this ease of access generated the idea of utilizing web  solutions for complex remote and intricate activities. Mobile and web apps are the commonly used universal modes of action utilized for marketing and advertisement. Not only one can turn a shop into digital app, but also the same mobile/web applications can be utilized for a multitude of purposes that could add ease to  task. For online purchasing, choice of payment collection method is crucial to success of a service. Mobile / Web applications are one great solution of such issues.  The necessity of the utility of this feature is making the app service viral in application. Not only there are methods that intervene for payment ease, but also there are mobile apps that allows to purchase the products by accepting payments on its own. The five best ways of collecting payment inside a mobile app are mentioned below for better understanding of the system:


  • Specification of PCI Certifications For App Development:


If your company is PCI certified then you can handle the information of client securely. Also the PCI certification allows to retrieve and secure data on your own. However, if the privilege is not utilized then the card data is exposed unnecessarily and lays the client information at risk.  Thus, PCI certification is strongly suggested for conducting business transactions and accepting payments through mobile application.


  • Existing Mobile POSs:


A Point Of Sale app of mobile such as PayPal and Square is the most common modes of accepting payment. However, the transaction conducted through these systems deducts certain amount as transaction fee. Yet, the processing time is minimal and also grants higher security to the transaction. This option allows you to bypass PCI certification and rely over the illustrated  branded options, only.


  • Mobile Payments Widgets:


It is the other payment option that offers specific mobile libraries. These libraries allow interconnection of app with their services  for the  collection of payment. Such libraries have their own options of payments developed with UI components. A custom app can simplify the procedure of the transaction. The procedure could be as simple as dragging the information only for the transaction. The most renowned libraries of the genre include Stripe and Braintree. These are the successful and recognized  mobile libraries of applications that offer the gateway for processing of payments with a secure option. Also, the security of information is assured as these libraries behold strong checks with the utmost standard of privacy.


  • A Greater Controls Of Us:


The mobile applications for the collection of payments include the gateway. Although all of the mention options support the API gateway  in one or another form. However, there is also an easy option available for the developer. This solution for adding payment option to mobile application is to install AIP gateway within the application and to transact with credit card data. However, the only consideration with the procedure is that of lack of  security, which  is the limiting factor of the application. The direct handling of the protected card data renders greater the responsibility of data security  on the developers.  Also the PCI compliance is the other technical application that must be adhered for smooth processing.


  • Multi Gateway Mobile Access:


This option is the same as mentioned  above, the only difference is that it offers multiple gateway unlike single gateway. The examples of such mobile applications include spreedly  with a service that use common API. Under this method of installation, the technicality of application and the security of information is the greatest consideration that determines the success of the payment collecting method of  the mobile app.


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