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THC Vape Juice – Handcrafted vs. Dispensary Cannabis Cartridges

There are three kinds of people in this world; those who are using THC Vape Juice, those who want to use it and those who do not have a clue what wonders it can do for you. THC Vape Juice is the most “in” thing in most parts of the world today and its wide demand is increasingly putting pressure on governments to allow its use for leisure purposes. For the “privileged” states, where THC Vape juice sale is legal, the innovations are continuous and endless. THC Vape Juice is not just available for sale in sealed boxes, but buyers have access to ingredients to make their own vape juice.

There is an ongoing debate as to which THC Vape Juice is better; Handcrafted or Dispensary Cannabis Cartridges? While the answer is relative and depends on every individual’s personal preferences, but here are a few of the factors to consider while choosing between the two.

Flavor Options

When buying Pre-filled Dispensary Cannabis Cartridges, customers have a few flavor options to choose from. The flavors high in demand are the only ones easily available. On the other hand, with handcrafted THC Vape Juice, users can choose any flavor they like and use it in their own mix. You can even mix flavors to arrive at a totally unique and amazing new flavor. You do not have to choose between red, yellow, green, you can make your own rainbow.

Customized High

With handcrafted THC Vape Juice, users have the option to make a perfect blend of ingredients to get the required “high”. You can make the THC Vape juice as strong as you want or as subtle as you like. Dispensary Cannabis cartridges do now allow such luxury. However, to afford this luxury, the user must put in hard work to become an expert at making handcrafted vape juice.


With handcrafted THC Vape Juice, the user has the luxury of choosing the ingredients to suit his/her preferences and be as creative as they wish. While there are instructions to follow while using certain ingredients like terpene diluent, concentrates and thickeners but there is still plenty of room to be creative and make a never-made-before, amazing THC Vape juice.

The Cost

THC Vape Juice has made its inroads to a large consumer base over the years, but price still remains a concern for a majority of users. Handcrafted Vape juice is substantially lower in cost as compared to Dispensary Cannabis cartridges which makes the former an obvious economical choice for users.


With so much literature and videos available on the internet, making THC Vape Juice is not a difficult task anymore. However, it can never be as easy as buying a dispensary Cannabis cartridge and just vape. It is the same as making a Pizza or buying it from the market. Only, pizza will not take you places that THC Vape juice will!


When it comes to portability, Dispensary cartridges outrun the homemade THC vape juice by a big margin. You cannot carry Cannabis concentrates, Diluents, Thickeners, Terpenes, stirrer and a stove everywhere, whereas a dispensary cannabis cartridge can easily slide in your pocket.


For the majority of Cannabis users, Dosage is a major concern. It is not just about the “high” they want, it is the high they can handle. In handcrafted THC Vape Juice, certain errors can lead to an unwanted effect. On the other hand, with a dispensary cannabis cartridge, the user is aware of the controlled dose.

Margin of Error

Dispensary Cannabis Cartridges are bound by laws to mention ingredients and are careful about their mix. Also, with dispensary cartridges, the THC vape juice is made by professionals and not anyone following a recipe from the internet. This makes dispensary cartridges majorly free of errors. On the contrary, a newbie will need a lot of experiments before arriving at a perfect combination.


As mentioned earlier, choosing between handcrafted THC Vape Juice and Dispensary Cannabis Cartridges depends on every individual’s personal preferences. If you have time available, be an artist, make your THC Vape Juice at home and enjoy the customization. If money is something you do not need to worry about, carry a dispensary cannabis cartridge with your car keys. Whatever choice you make, the end result is THC Vape Juice and lots of happiness.

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