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5 Cool and Unexpected Gift Ideas for a Techy Gadget-Lover

As technology brings consumers products that are more innovative each and every time, it’s fun when a gadget-lover gets a gift they never expected. Whether it’s something that will help them cook a great meal, listen to their favorite tunes, or have fun underwater, there’s no shortage of gadgets that can add fun to people’s lives. If you’re in the market for a high-tech gift that will be unlike anything a person has ever received, here are five cool and unusual ideas for your consideration.

Cuckoo Rice Cookers

For tech-savvy chefs who love using the latest gadget to cook their meals, Cuckoo rice cookers offer features that are unlike anything on the market. Considered the best rice cooker money can buy, these cookers offer voice-guided technology in English and Korean, making it easier than ever to cook perfect rice. Along with this, the 3 cup rice cooker has proven to be very popular with those who love preparing various Asian delicacies. Equipped with vacuum warming technology, these cookers are excellent at maintaining the taste of the rice after it has been cooked. And to make it even better, the 3 cup rice cooker uses 40 percent less energy than similar rice cookers on the market. With a stainless-steel outer surface to give them a sleek, modern look, Cuckoo rice cookers are looked upon by professional and amateur chefs as the best rice cooker money can buy.

Parrot Zik 3 Headphones

When you want to have the latest high-tech headphones that are stylish and offer the best sound on the market for your favorite songs, there’s no better choice than the Parrot Zik 3 headphones. Compatible with modern equipment such as smartwatches and induction charging stations, these headphones come in multiple colors and let users play their favorite tunes while looking good along the way. Equipped with a powerful state-of-the-art digital processor, these headphones allow users to use noise reduction technology to adapt to whatever environment they’re in. For example, at the office all background noise is filtered and eliminated to let you listen comfortably among your co-workers, while at home the technology still lets you listen to music and remain connected to what’s going on around you.

Crafthouse Cocktail Smoker

If you love cocktail treats but want an easy way in which to prepare them, buy the Crafthouse cocktail smoker and give it to your favorite cocktail enthusiast. A combo of vintage flair and modern technology, this smoker lets anyone create professional-style cocktails regardless of how little previous experience they may have. And in addition to traditional cocktails, the smoker also lets you infuse foods with that great smoky flavor, making your cooking possibilities endless.

Underwater Drone

If you thought drones were only for flying hundreds of feet above your head, you haven’t heard of the PowerRay Underwater Drone. Able to scout and even bait fish, the drone can find the fish, photograph them, and then send that info to a smartphone. Able to let its user see the water’s landscape, the location of the fish, water temperature, and other information, the underwater drone lets any fishing enthusiast use high-tech to land the big one each and every time. Billed as a mini-submarine that works well in freshwater as well as saltwater, it can even drop bait in locations where it has found large concentrations of fish and let the fisherman above monitor the surrounding activity, making catching as many fish as you want a virtual certainty. Considered a technological breakthrough in recreational fishing, the drone can dive as deep as 98 feet, but use its sonar capability to track fish that are as much as 131 feet deeper. For the fisherman who has everything, the underwater drone can take their fishing experience to the next level.

Emotech Olly Robohub

Making science-fiction come true, Emotech has developed personal robot assistants that have a personality all their own. A voice-controlled robotic assistant named Olly, it’s sure to bring a whole new experience to daily living. Resembling a large blinking eyeball that rolls around, looks at you, and even talks back to you, it’s a great way to incorporate Artificial Intelligence and modern robotic technology to help with many daily living tasks. Based on a user’s interactions and personal interests, Olly develops a personality and style of its own, enabling it to become a very effective tech assistant. If you want the best of tomorrow’s technology today, make Olly a part of your life.

While it may seem as if it’s impossible to know what to buy the gadget-lover in your life, these cool gift ideas are sure to put a smile on their face. Whether it’s a rice cooker, underwater drone, or robot assistant, giving these gifts to your friend or family member will make you the toast of the town.

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