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Destruct Pro brings security and peace of mind to wiping drives

We have all been there at some point in our lives – the need to completely wipe a hard-drive is something universal, at least for all those who take security seriously. When we are selling or lending a computer we own, formatting it before doing so is almost mandatory, as no one wants other people accessing their data.

However, the problem is that most tools that are used to perform this action, whether they are the ones providing by all operating systems or other specialized software, do not do a perfect job. In fact, given the necessary tools, knowledge and time, it is possible to retrieve data from a supposedly empty hard drive.

Does this mean that it is impossible to format a hard drive and know for sure that your data is really gone? Luckily no, because Lovell Tec, the makers of DESTRUCT PRO, came up with a very clever way to ensure that a hard drive can be safely formatted and that any data that can be retrieved is absolutely meaningless.

DESTRUCT PRO is a USB device that formats hard drives using a 3-phase cryptographic wipe, consisting on the following:

  1. Normal formatting, which ensures that most data is cleaned;
  2. Cryptographically scrambled data is written all over the disk, effectively overwriting any data that may have been left behind (the same data that could be retrieved after a simple wipe);
  3. Second and final clean wipe.

This process, and especially the overwriting of cryptographically scrambled data in the second step, is what sets DESTRUCT PRO’s process apart, as it means that any forensic tools that could be used for data recovery would, if successful, only retrieve meaningless data – and this data is encrypted.

But the usefulness of DESTRUCT PRO extends further. There are several viruses that infect computers and are super hard to get rid of, so much that they are still there even after the disk is formatted. With its 3-phase cryptographic wipe, DESTRUCT PRO is also useful in this scenario, as it completely removes or, at the very least, replaces the files responsible for the infection, therefore really getting rid of the virus.

If you think that these claims are just marketing, know that DESTRUCT PRO is compliant with the NIST 800-88 standard, the de facto standard related to compliance for Media Sanitization, i.e., ensuring an effective sanitization of media so that any and all data is irretrievable once the data or data storage device reaches end-of-life.

This product is incredibly easy to use, thanks to the Easy Boot system it ships with. Users just need to plug in the USB drive and DESTRUCT PRO’s new, improved and even easier to use interface will load and allow users to start the wiping process. It is worth noting that the system works with one or multiple hard drives, even allowing for wiping several drives at the same time.

DESTRUCT PRO can be used multiple times and, because of the materials with which it is built, should last for a very long time. Still, Lovell Tec offers a full year of warranty, should anything out of the ordinary happen.

Lovell Tec is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for this product, so be sure to drop by and take advantage of the discounts available for early backers to get your own copy of DESTRUCT PRO and never gamble on the safety of your data again when it comes to formatting hard drives.

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