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Top 10 Don’ts for Email Marketers

If you think email is old school then you’re wrong. There are so many people that still use email as a form of communication. A 2015 – 2019 Radicati group study, there are at least 2.5 billion people using email. That said, ever since the evolution of the Internet, Email Marketing has become a vital tool for business.

So, what is Email Marketing and why is it important?

Email Marketing is a type of direct marketing used by businesses and companies that send commercial messages to clients with the use of electronic mail. In simple terms, any email sent to a client or potential customers with the purpose of building loyalty or trust between the two is considered email marketing.

Email marketing is a hassle-free process to stay connected with your customers and at the same time promoting your business.

Through email marketing reaching target markets is easier and quicker. You will not need a huge amount of print space, radio or television time, or any high production cost. Thanks to the useful email marketing software, managing quality mailing lists help business avoid spam filter! These mailing lists can be divided accordingly, based on various factors as customers likes and dislikes, length of time address on the list, and others. They can provide your client’s personalized emails and promote loyalty and trust.

Now that you know how important Email Marketing is let us now talk about the don’ts for Email Marketers.

  • Be a Spammer: Avoid the spam filter! No one loves spam. Besides, it is illegal. Avoid sending a bunch of emails over a short period of time. Also, make it clear who you are in emails. Clients tend to ignore you if you do not include several ways to contact you.
  • Be tempted to buy an email list: Buying email list sure is tempting because it will be much easier to expand your influence that way. However, it has a lot of negative impacts. Not only that the email list you are buying is of low quality, it can also have a bad effect on your email deliverability. Meaning, you know too little about the people on the list you have purchased. You will never know if the email you are sending is relevant to those subscribers.
  • Make new subscribers wait: Usually, when a client subscribed to you, they are interested and very much eager for your reply. Not all clients have the time to wait for a slow response and this might lead to losing them. So you should send an immediate welcome email to a newly subscribed client so that they will feel important and like your service.
  • Send general emails: Sending common emails like “Good Day Sir/Maam!” might cause your client to think that they are not worth your time. Be personalized. Any person receiving an email with their name on it will take time to open your message.
  • Send all emails to every subscriber at once: If you want to lessen your work by sending emails to each subscriber at once, then the chance of your messages being opened is relatively low.  Not all of your subscribers live in the same time zones. Some may be sleeping or busy when they receive your message. Another email will then probably pile up leaving your email at the bottom and out of sight.
  • Send emails without proofreading: Do not start with the excuse you are busy. Sending an email without checking for typing errors and wrong grammars is a fatal mistake for email marketers. If you want a good impression on your clients you should then learn to take time proofreading. Also, check if the links you include are really working.
  • Send identical emails to all subscribers on your list: Divide your email list according to different factors like your subscriber’s interests or their stage in the buying cycle.
  • Overlook the pre-header text: Encourage your reader to open your email by adding an attention-catching pre-header text. Having a good pre-header text can provide more context to your message.
  • Send an email with too many graphics: Sending an email with large sized and multiple graphics can cause a slower loading time. Clients can be impatient at times and slower loading time usually means the Back Button.
  • Forget about phones: Optimizing your email for desktop and laptops and forgetting about smaller screen sizes like cell phones and tablets can be a big mistake. Recent research reveals that 50% email users open their email through phones and tablets. Forgetting about phone use when reading email can cause low effectiveness in email marketing. And clients usually lose interest.

Give your email a higher chance of being opened and increase sales by following these simple tips when creating an email.

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