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How to refresh the look of your bathroom?

A place to wash down all your stress under a hot shower, or simply having a me-time in your bathtub, bathrooms are an essential part of our daily lifestyle. So it’s good to add a few attractive decor elements to it that make the place more attractive and soothing to help you unwind from the daily routine. There are a lot of beautiful and different decor elements that can make your bathroom look visually more relaxing. Adding a bit of vintage decor, along with some natural details and buying bathroom vanities online, can make your bathroom something else. Let’s have a look at some of the best and widely used decor elements in the bathroom that will surely change the way you look at it.


Mirrors are the most commonly used decor and functional items in the bathroom that are great for enhancing the looks and also for looking at ourselves while getting ready. Usually, a big piece of square, round, or rectangle mirror used to be placed in the bathrooms. However, with innovative designs and techniques, mirror glass comes in a variety of designs and shapes. The most common design used as a decorative element in the bathroom is Vintage mirrors. Vintage mirrors are frameless, and a combination of more than one next to each other adds a lot to the aesthetics of the place.

Bathroom accessories

There is nothing better than a modern looking bathroom design that has some great looking European and Australian bathroom accessories. These accessories are made with the best quality steel and ceramics and have some of the most beautiful finish one can ever see on bathroom accessories. Be it a small or big bathroom space, decorative bathroom accessories like basins, bathtubs, vanity, etc. can convert your bathroom to a beautiful masterpiece. Something very similar can be found at Lavare Bathroom Renovations. They have the best in class bathroom accessories and fitting. They also provide a complete bathroom renovation inspired by the known European and Australian standards in bathroom accessories.

Add more natural elements

Adding natural elements to the decor of the bathroom not only adds more calmness to the surroundings but also gives a complete feel of a place meant for unwinding and relieving your stress. Plants and sunlight are the best sources of adding more vibrancy to the bathroom. Adding a few indoor plants will make you feel close to nature and will make you feel like you are leaving the urban lifestyle for some time. Also, using glass to allow natural sunlight will add to the positivity of the place.

Try different colours

If you have had the same colour in the bathroom for a long time and are now bored of the same look, it’s high time to change the colours of the walls to something more brighter. Try to be brave and experiment with new colours. Contrasting colours and patterns are in trend and can be used to revamp the look of your bathroom. You can also choose to add a wallpaper to the walls of your bathroom or cover the walls with tiles. It will not only add a new colour to the place but will also give you a feeling of an entirely new bathroom.

These are a few ways one can easily renovate their bathroom and refresh its old and dull look. The best things are to experiment and change the old with something new and unique. The more you are open to changes, the better your bathroom will look after renovation. Also, adding luxurious and premium quality bathroom accessories will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

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