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Elevate The Looks Of Your Honda Talon With These Accessories

The Honda Talon family has rapidly expanded and evolved to meet the needs of drivers in diverse regions and with varying driving preferences since entering the side-by-side sports market only four years ago. Since its introduction, the Talon platform has been a commercial and sporting success. At the 2021 SCORE International Baja 1000, Jeff Proctor’s Honda Talon team won the Naturally Aspirated Pro-UTV class.

Here are some of the best honda talon accessories you can add to your vehicle to improve its aesthetics and performance.

Snorkel Kit

Warrior Risers, lighted and unlighted switches, mounting hardware, etc., come with a Talon Snorkel Kit. Completely compatible with any model of Talon, this system will help you re-model the vehicle without paying much.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, well-rounded snorkel set, go no further than SYA. Regarding snorkeling gear, none looks more polished and professional than the SYA Warrior Riser Snorkels. The whole thing is well made, from the components to the assembly. It has unique, injection-molded Warrior Risers with washable, replaceable pre-filter tips from Warrior Wear for your Segway Powersports.

Honda talon accessories include everything you’ll need to get started, and its components are made to be disassembled (if necessary) without causing damage. Product development has ensured functionality, user-friendliness, aesthetics, durability, and the option to remove and reinstall without compromising the product’s polished appearance.

Agency Power Rear Bumper

If you own a Honda Talon, you may get the safety you need from an accident without sacrificing the style of your UTV with the help of the Agency Power rear bumper. The bumper is made out of 1.5″x.095″ wall steel tubing that was computer-designed to complement the rear profile of a Honda Talon.

Talon 1000R/1000X bumpers are made entirely in the USA. Each bumper has precision welds and laser-cut flanges for a snug, long-lasting fit. The bumper’s outward and upward extension acts as a required brace to shield you and your vehicle from harm.

Choose Agency Power’s Gloss Red or Matte Black powder coat when ordering for a seamless look with your standard Honda paint job. The Agency Power rear bumper is a beautiful addition to any vehicle, whether racing, cruising the dunes, or trail riding.

Agency Power Grab Bar

This item was created for your convenience and ease of use. The grasp bar’s removal transforms into a lug wrench for quick wheel removal. The bar includes a 17mm and a 19mm socket, one on each handle, because some aftermarket wheels need different lug nuts or a lug adapter.

The T-handle is 20 inches long, allowing you to adjust it in or out for your passenger, and gives tremendous leverage, making it easy to break away lugs. The bar features a through-hole for attaching various accessories, including phone holders, an action camera mount, thread-on cup holders, and many more.


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